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David Solace Brings The Much Needed Comfort That Nigerian Music Needs

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This Sunday Hip hop head spotlight is all about another fresh talent by the name David Solace. His name is Oyewusi Adewale David, born on the 13th of September 13 in 1997.

He is a native of Ikeji-arakeji in Osun state. This sleeker is a nigerian musician who does contemporary rhythm and blues, rap music and Afro pop. Find out what we gisted about.

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How did you come about your stage name?

My stage name David Solace was given to me by my secondary school friends, due to the comfort they feel when I entertain them. I would just make sure that I do something to take away the depression and makes you smile, and it happens whenever I see someone frown or angry. I don’t mind the insults or trash talk it might cause.

Although I was just doing it as a past time hobby, I did not know they were watching me.They named me Solace, and my real name is David so I combined it together to make it David Solace.

David Solace

What inspired you to venture into music

I found music as the thing that I love doing most. I discovered this talent when I was 7, then I was still in our children church choir. When I got into secondary school, I joined the school choir where I would use the opportunity to entertain my classmates.

Students from other classes would leave their blocks just to watch me, but I never took it more than a hobby. Now I think I can do more to make it meaningful difference in the industry.

Tell us about your Childhood and family background

I come from the family of six where I register as the last child. My childhood was so interesting and I really enjoyed it. I am blessed with a creative mind, you know, like making cars with cartons and some other interesting things. There is no second chance for childhood, so you have to make use of that time.

We know its not easy, so how do you combine music and academics

Well, its not that easy but I have to do it that way. Though, I have a scheduled time for study, studio and shows. I study at night a lot. I am yet to gain admission into a university but I have prepared my self on how to blend the two together without having problem. That is part time school.

David Solace What has been your greatest challenge and success as an artiste

My greatest challenge is money. You know the situation where by you have compositions and no money to record it not to talk of doing the online promotions. Money is my greatest challenge for now.

My greatest success was when I was invited to Unique FM, I was interviewed and they played my song on air. That added to my self belief, they are better days ahead.

You have a unique style, which top artiste would you like to feature and why

I would love to feature wizkid because he is my mentor. I love his life style and his voice while I would love to feature Davido because he knows about music. Love his songs and his technique.

Do you have any upcoming projects we need to watch out for?

absolutely, the tittle is “hustle and pray” so don’t fall off

Who is your role model and why

Internationally its Justin Bieber and locally here in Nigeria its Wizkid. I respect them because their songs inspires me always both lyrically and sound-wise. Hopefully, In two years I would have become a well known hip pop artiste across the world just like them.

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