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Barrack Boy Kruzjoe Becomes A Nigerian Rapping Talent You Can Reckon With

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Lets welcome Kruzjoe to hip hop head spotlight as we ask him questions to find out more about him. His name is Adigbo Ugbor Chinonso Joseph and he hails from Igbo etiti local government Area of Enugu state.

This versatile artiste is poised to take the industry by force. He is skilled at various genres including Nigerian hip hop, rhythm and blues and dance hall. Find out what he had to say;

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How did you come about your name?

Well, I came about my stage name KruzJoe when I was still in secondary school. I was doing a freestyle and I was rapping I put in the word “kruz”. My friends loved that word so they started calling me kruz. Later I decided to add “Joe” which is the short form of Joseph, my birth name.

What inspired you to venture into music


I found out that music was in me when I was thirteen. I have a keen love for music,in fact when I am sad or had a bad day, I would play music or start singing and instantly feel better. Music is my world I breathe it, eats it, drink it everyday of my life.

Tell us about your Childhood and family background

I was born in Ojo cantonment Barracks, Lagos state. My dad was a soldier until he died in a car accident. After his death things became really hard for I, my mom and my elder brother.

But mom managed to pay our school fees until I and my brother finished secondary school. We relocated to Enugu, that’s where we live now and we have been here for 5 years.

We know its not easy, so how do you combine music and academics

Well as the situation is right now I am no longer in school, so just patiently waiting for Admission. I do have songs that have written down although I haven’t released any of them. If not for lack of money I would have released them.

What has been your greatest challenge as a new Nigerian artiste

The challenge I face right now as an upcoming Artiste is lack of Money. I don’t have money to record and release my tracks, I also do not have anyone to support me. I am talented and I know one day I’m going to shine.

You have a unique style, which top artiste would you like to feature and why

Well I do have a unique style and I would like to feature Ice prince if given the opportunity. He is my mentor.

Who is your role model and why do you respect him

Like I said earlier Ice Prince is my major role model. I admire him and I don’t justĀ  respect him, but also respect his songs. Anytime I listen to his songs I get motivated, it inspires me to do mine and maybe do better. He has this unique way of rapping and his voice sounds cool.

Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

You know change is a constant thing in life, people do change and so do things. Well I would say two years from now by the grace of God I would have had many of songs released and get people to know me better showing the world what I’ve got.

So I believe that two years from now through hard work and God’s blessing you will be seeing and hearing my songs almost everywhere.

You can see his enthusiasm, don’t sleep on this young rapper just yet. He is coming to the industry with a brand new style so keep in touch with the truth.

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