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B Blezz Ben Is The “Beast” And He’s Here With Something Fresh

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His stage name is B Bless Ben and he is really young-looking. We had a little chitchat with him and discovered a few things about the young musician.

His full name is Emmanuel Benedict Ogah and he hails from Iyala in Cross River state. He is a  budding rapper and hiphop artiste set to surprise us all. Follow the talk;

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How did you come about your stage name?

My stage name was given to me by MC drunk of blessed memory at a carnival I performed in Ibadan. B comes from my birth name Benedict.

What inspired you to venture into music making

B bless Ben

It is because a lot of people now jump into the industry with whack music. So i want to use my unique skills in music to change the perception of art in Nigeria.

Tell us about your Childhood and family background

I am from a family of four children which consists of three boys and a girl. My childhood was not a rosy one, I feel sad when ever I think about it. My mom is alive but Dad is late now.

What has been your greatest challenge and success as a budding Nigerian artiste

My greatest challenge was when I was called by MC drunk to come to the studio, he turn on the mic and gave me a beat without telling me it was a test.

But I thank God that I passed that day and after the production, I got invited to a carnival to perform the track and it was loved by the people I call my fans now.

You have a unique style, which top artiste would B Blezz Ben like to feature

Yea, Dagrin that was when he was alive. The guy’s music lifts me whenever I am down, I play his album and I bounce back strong. Now it is Olamide because he equally motivates me in the same way that Dagrin does.

Any projects we need to watch out for?

Yes, I have some singles coming through like “Rap Messiah” , “Greatness” and “Robin Hood” so keep a tab.

Who is your role model and why do you respect him

Jay Z is my mentor, he inspire me much and i always pray to God to give me the opportunity to feature him. I two years I should be doing well in the industry as one of the best rappers in Nigeria.

Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

Download “Beast” by B Blezz Ben and listen to him vibe on a hot blazing track.


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