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Joe Sean Has Got What It Takes To Blow In The Nigerian Music Industry

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Right now on spotlight, we bring you Joe Sean. His real names are Eluma Joseph and he is an upcoming Nigerian hip hop artiste. The dark skinned Abuja based rapper hails from Benue State. He also performs regularly in Uni Abuja and the environs. We are excited, so I urge you to read more about him below;

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What inspired you to venture into music

I am that kid that loves to rap and mime other rappers, so I had a deep thought about it. If I can mime other peoples song perfectly, then I can create mine also, I decided to give it a try and it was awesome.

Joe Sean

Tell us about your Childhood and family background

I am from a family of six, I happen to be the first son. My elder sister is married now but the family still lives together in Abuja Nigeria. My dad is a civil servant with the University of Abuja and my Lovely Mum is a trader. We are a happy family and we thank God.

We know its not easy, so how do you combine music and academics

It has not been easy but there’s this saying which states “hard work pays”. So I’m putting hard work into whatever I do, it has not been easy combining music and academics together. But i have time for everything . By the time I graduate I will go into Music fully.

What has been Joe Sean’s greatest challenge and success as a budding Nigerian artiste

The challenge is the capital, that has always been my biggest challenge. As a student, using your pocket money to do music is not so easy, but I believe that hard work pays.

You have a unique style, which top artiste would you like to feature and why

I do hip hop and rap music so I can hop on any kind of instrumental. I will like to work with Vector tha Viper, Phero, Eva Alordia, Ycee and CDQ not to mention so many other if given the opportunity.

Do you have any upcoming projects we need to watch out for?

Yea sure I am working on an upcoming single titled “Ghetto dreams”, a song you all would love to listen to so anticipate it.

Who is your role model and why do you respect him/her

It has to be Nas, he’s got that dope flow and a different style that no one can copy. He’s just different I am a huge fan of Nas. I also respect Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls, he’s one of the dopest lyricist and rhymer of all time.


Joe Sean is here to stay people, show this young cat some love.

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