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Top 10 Hype Men In Nigeria That Are Always Looking For Any Party To Set On Fire

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Now that you’re here lets talk about the amazing and exceptional hype men in Nigeria entertainment industry. I decided to write this list because the art of hype is so often subdued, but its a key element in hip hop music and culture.

But who is a hype man?

” A hype man in hip hop music and rapping is a backup rapper and/or singer who supports the primary rappers with exclamations and interjections, and who attempts to increase the audience’s excitement with call-and-response chants”

– Wikipedia

So basically a hype man grooms the audience and keeps them interested in the artiste. He makes sure the artiste is performing to a high energy crowd. He might lead the crowd by raving them up with chants or dancing as the case may demand. Think of how turned up you feel when you hear Lil Jon roar, or when DJ Khaled yells “We the beeest”.

A performing artiste might think the role of a hype man is not a necessary one until they meet a dead crowd like the ones in Minna or an angry crowd like those in Warri. When next you see your favorite act performing, check it, there is always a second guy jumping around on stage and backing up the artistes punchlines. You may ask who this guy is, ask no more; he’s the hype man. Its an actual job.

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Top 10 hype men in Nigeria

10. Emperor KC

Emperor KC with Tuface Idibia

This is the man on the Mic in Club Joker Benin. The chubby looking young man know the tricks of keeping the crowds energy high. He runs backups for top celebrities anytime they are around for a show.

9. Sensei Uche

Sensei Uche

Born Uchechukwu Daniel Agbai, he is also known as the ”party animal”. Sensei is OAP with City FM Lagos and an all round entertainer. He didn’t stumble into the entertainment industry by chance, his route is one he deliberately created for himself through hard work and dedication. Sensei Uche has hosted some of the biggest gigs in town.

8. Lord El

Lord El performing

El is another name to reckon with, The firebrand hypist got the party vibe and contagious energy. He started off as an MC for events and rap battles. This paved way for him in the hype man business. Lord El has worked with a lot of Nigerian artistes and you won’t just have a dull moment with the self styled Hercules.

7. A.O

Vector’s Hype man AO

AO is a rapper but also doubles as a hype man for top Nigerian rapper Vector tha Viper. The next time you see AO jumping around your favourite rap act yelling and asking you to scream. Do not vex, he’s only being a hype man.

6. Hypeman Jerry


Hypeman Jerry is a multitasker. He is a hype man for Nigerian artistes, a backup singer, Model, event creativity and international promoter of all genres of Nigerian music. He is known for his rough, raw and loud voice on stage.

Indeed he is the undisputed king of club vibes, his voice and energy in the club is reminiscent of Fatman scoop and Lil Jon. Even as on of the top hype men in Nigeria, he still considers himself an upcoming artist. Apart from being a Hype man, Jerry is also an artiste.

5. SlimShady

Slimshady and a female friend

Self styled as “your girlfriends favorite tall slim boyfriend”. He is a womanizer and he knows it. Slim won the Amstel Malta All Time Show in 2012 and that brought him into the entertainment industry’s lime light. He became a household name in the dance industry. He started from hosting red carpet events and TV shows.

Then he ventured into hype man business. As one of the top hype men in Nigeria, he has worked with Pepenazi and Do2dtun as well. He stared the SlimShady Invasion Brand. He brings an electrifying charisma whenever he introduces artistes and celebrities at events.

4. Dada boy Ehiz


Born Ehizogie Okoeguale, he is an MTV Base presenter and one of the top hype men in Nigeria. The diminutive figure has always been a crowd favourite, he came into limelight when he was a contestant at the MTV Base VJ search.

Three years after breaking into the Nigerian entertainment industry, Ehiz has become a household name. He hosts red carpet events, open air concerts, radio shows and TV programs. Apart from that he also plays hype man to top Nigerian artists.

3. Jimmie


He was a former Beat FM Lagos sports presenter. Born as Jimmie Akinsola, he stands out from the crowd. The tall lanky freak has swagger for the whole party. He is D’banjs’ official hype man and also hosts Industry night. Jimmie has risen from the bottom to become one of the most sought after hype men in Nigeria and the music industry.

2. Special Ed


This guy also know as Spesh is a hulk size bearded hype man. Right now he is Davido’s official hype man and can be seen with the HKN gang. He is an Igbo man born as Edward Chukwuma Ijah, so its not hat you’re thinking, he’s not related to Rick Ross.

This guy has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for a while. He came into limelight during the first edition of the MTV Base VJ Search where he lost in the final. He then got signed to Mo Hits as their official hype man. After the breakup, he started working with D’Banj and Wande Coal.

1. Do2dtun


Do2dtun is arguably the boss of all Hype men in Nigeria. He is a radio and entertainment veteran who hosts the Midday Show on Cool FM. Born Dotun Kayode, he paved way for himself in the Nigerian music industry by building connections and raw talent.

He has carved a niche for himself with a unique style. He has the ability to wildly engage the crowd and keep their energy level at 100%. Dot2dtun usually works with Olamide and Pepenazi. He is also a voice over artiste who is busy dropping skits on any album that comes his way.

What do you think, is there anyone I left out of this list?

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