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13 Types Of Nigerian Rappers On Social Media – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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There are a lot of  Nigerian rappers on social media. They want us to love them so we get to see everything they have to offer. This makes the hip hop industry interesting and lively.

Not all rappers are remarkable, not all are wack either. So here are a list of observations we have made on the character of some Nigerian rappers on social media.

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Types of Nigerian rappers on social media

1. There are those making things to happen by creating music and musical initiatives. They are actually doing something and you can see pictures and videos of it. They are living their dreams, doing what they love, blessed, making money, changing lives. These one made it, by luck or strategy. You can see that they have arrived from their follower stats.

2. The ones who don’t really create anything but celebrate what others do well. They themselves really do nothing major but they can score others on how well they do. These ones love to call themselves veterans and they are perpetual commentators.

3. They do nothing but pick errors in what others are doing and castigate them. These are mostly hip hop heads who love to analyze art from an idealistic point of view. They are followers of hardcore rap and are not impressed by Genres like trap. They are the judges and referees and may not join the group to give advice but you will see them when you make a mistake. These ones will attend concerts to rate the artists and score the songs on radio.

4. The ones who create nothing but wait for what others have created and is trending and then they copy. They write no song or get copyright of none but wait for what style or song is trending and jump on it. These are “cover rappers” They draw their inspiration from the success of others.

5. These ones are musicians “in their minds’ but never practically putting the hours of work needed into it. These guys never record a song but can rap. They can freestyle but lack the mental energy to produce a material.

6. They are the ones who create nothing but think they will blow by attending shows and taking selfies with the stars to post on social media, This creates a perceived success story of themselves. These guys are the drama queens of hiphop because they know all the DJ’s and celebrities but have no practical value.

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Break time…Lets continue – types of Nigerian rappers on social media

7. We have the ones who are always performing Music locally but never going to school themselves in Music, always exhaling never inhaling or they exhale more than they inhale. They pour out more than they try to learn. In 2 years the have sang or attended 60 concerts and shows but can’t boast of attending 6 trainings. So the are always stuck at one level of skill. It gets old.

8. Then there are the big boys. No mentor and no one they listen to. They have arrived and they are fathers to other Musicians. They know the story of every Artist because they trained them- well that’s what they say, they have participate in all the big cyphers in town and produced all the top artists in the city so no one can advice them. Yet we hardly know them.

9. The ones who are always talking of new ideas, new projects, new songs but never executing them. Every year comes with new projects and resolutions but by November nothing would have been done and instead of revisiting old dreams in the new year they come up with something fresh.

10. These ones are hip hop heads who think they are rappers because they download a lot of songs every month, listen to music rap battles and have an ear for music. In fact they walk about with an earpiece or big headphone on them connected to their mobile phones.

11. We have the social media rappers. Outside social media they are creating Nada and making no meaningful impact but on social media they are great musicians. They post things like Listening to “Bad and Boujee” by Migos, Listening to “Control” by Big Sean. But many it times it’s all for showbiz. They aren’t really listening.

Real listening will consume you may not be able to post about it. There is Nothing wrong with posting though but this always posting how they are listening to music but not really listening is bad. In addition they copy and paste mighty music related posts, they make comments on music matters and talk what they don’t practice. In fact all their Facebook friends are musicians.

Which of the 11 types of Nigerian rappers on social media are you? Drop a comment below and lets have your take.

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