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Where Are The FEMCEES? Why Female Rappers In Nigeria Have Gone Quiet

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The rap feud between two of the biggest female rappers is probably the only topic that comes to mind when you mention the inactivity of female rappers in Nigeria.

The intensity of the altercation between the two is high, with the rap artistes involved, trading heated words by means of diss songs.

The controversy gathered by this duel has risen to par, if not more than the realm of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. At least for the moment.

Most hip hop heads and rap music observers have been forced to pick sides. Even though some of us would rather enjoy this rare meteorite by weighing the cold words of attack and savoring the open display of hip hop culture being practiced.

Honestly, if you’d ask me, I’d say the feud between Rent Ma and Nikki is very good. There has to be something like this every and then. I mean when was the last time you had female emcees going for their jugular.

It is even very pleasing to see a balanced healthy competition among the female rappers. The buzz, emotions, intrigue, deathly verses and relentless spill of secrets is part of the culture. No doubt, the fans are soooo into it and this is an indicator of a thriving hip hop community.

What about the female rappers in Nigeria?

How about we take a break from the Nicki/Remy Ma showdown. Let’s look for a more local form of this entertainment among the female rappers in Nigeria. Out here we love to call them femcees. Truth is that nothing remarkable can be found.

The section for female rappers in Nigeria in our music industry in looks desolated, with little or no activity going on. In fact, it is difficult to point out even one female rapper in Nigeria making competitive and influential music this year.

Therefore, talking about a domination, beef or healthy competition among female rappers in Nigeria is a long shot from reality.

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The decline of Nigerian female rap category

While few of the Nigerian female rappers of the golden era are still in the industry. Most appear to have changed careers. It is even more saddening to realize that only a few female rappers have cone up mainstream in recent times.

It is looking like the Nigerian female rap category would fall farther into desolation…like something afflicted by Smaug the fire breathing dragon.

Sasha P is now a fashion entrepreneur

Interestingly, the legacy of the golden era of Sasha, Bouqui and the likes can still be felt The best chance of having a resounding rap feud would have come in that era. In fact, some male rappers in that era had to tread carefully, because those girls were vicious and serious beef mongers.

At a point after 2010, new female faces joined this rap category, they came bursting with energy and raw talent. For example, Pryse. She came with a lot of promise. She looked set to take over from Sasha P with the support of the thriving Chocolate City records.

Who would have doubted such talent? But look forward and you’ll see that we were all wrong. Somewhere along the line she fell off. Maybe she was never as gifted as we thought, maybe she got complacent.

The need for Nigeria’s female rappers to evolve

Why all the career change?

  • Sasha P now focuses on her shoe designer label Eclectic by Sasha.
  • Blaise who was the most vicious lyricist among the golden era femcees seems to be lost. No one knows what she is up to these days.
  • Kel was more of a flash-in-the-pan rapper. After the success of her mega hit single “Wa Wa” Alright everything fell apart and went downhill. Her fight with capital records didn’t help her career. We hear she now works at Cool TV.
  • Muna never convinced anyone as the next top femcee. She never really had the credentials but at least possessed the appeal which is equally important to survive in the industry. Muna had a great modelling career but her music sucked major balls with that serious Igbo accent. She made headlines with the Mode 9 “pass the MIC” incident.
  • Bouqui was a bright early entrant in the 2000’s. She has always been a Gospel rap artiste. She was capable of releasing songs that we could all vibe to. But lately her music has dwindled. She is now based in the United states.
  • Eva Alordiah then comes to mind. Her rise to the top had the aura of a fairy tale. We love her sultry demeanor but cant say the same for her music. Now she’s more of a makeup artist and writer. This keeps her in the public eye.
  • What about Weird MC, she’s almost 50. She’s done her part and I don’t think she’s got more to offer.

The False assumption

Many believe that the Nigerian music industry does not favor femcees. This is not true because the problem remains that most of the them have refused to adapt to the realities of the evolving music industry.

Straight punchline rap and hardcore songs do not get as much airplay as the pop infused tracks. The likes of Olamide, Vector tha Viper and Phyno have restructured their music to fit the industry’s demands. That is the reason why they can compete with their pop colleagues who are more likely to blow up fast.

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What can be done

Quality representation in hip hop entertainment is a scarce commodity in the current crop of female rappers in Nigeria.

However the existing female rappers can wake up from their slumber, a group of hungry female rappers can also be introduced to the game. This has to happen very soon else we risk throwing away a whole category that used to make us proud.

Mz Kiss is impressive

One Femcee that is carving a niche for herself is Mz Kiss. The Capital Hill female artist is an indigenous rapper and only time would tell us how far she makes it.

Splash is one other female rapper in Nigeria that could take the center stage with the buzz around her. Despite her new deal with Bong House record label. However her last big entrance was “Church Agbasa” a 2013 hit song.

So for any female rapper in Nigeria hoping to blow in this part of the world. Forget the noise, the drama and the lies. Hard work, ingenuity and resilience are the only guarantee for success.

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