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Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE SANGUINE RAPPER

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Finally we have come to the sanguine rapper, its the last topic in the effect of temperament on hip hop music series.

The sanguine rapper is a master of deception due to his unpredictability. Simply put, they make hip hop interesting with tantrums, fun seeking and unrealistic bragging.

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1. Disposition of the sanguine rapper

The sanguine rapper is extremely loud and outspoken. He will brag about feats he effectively can not accomplish. He lacks the patience and dedication to see projects through and will often leave things halfway.

They are perpetual late comers so they will keep fans waiting almost all the time because they engage in way too many things at the same time despite poor time management. The sanguine rapper is not concerned with the deeper meanings of art.

The sanguine rapper is very good at being a hype man, even with no talent they will bring the fun. You will find him in the more pro life genres of hip hop like trap and club where he will not have to be bothered by any weight.

He is very petty and wants to participate in every little event. They turn your party up and make sure its resources are exhausted before jumping to the next available cool spot.

He is the master of noise and trash talking, they can explode rashly but then they forget very easily. They are surface people who really don’t care about the status quo. Unlike the choleric, his loudmouthed attitude isn’t from a place of pride but from a misguided belief that everything is easy.

Examples are 50 cent, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill.

2. Music

The sanguine rapper is very good at stage performance. They are TV and stage people so they come alive in front of an audience. He is dreads irrelevance, this makes him a whiny attention seeker.

Most publicity stunts in hip hop will be pulled by them. They are deceptive and will blend into any environment, taking their form and excelling at it.

He will make too many friends and loose touch with his clique very quickly once he gets a little attention. You see them jumping from one label to another, one band to another.

His sense of humor and liveliness makes him a hot commodity. He can however be very ignorant and Ill informed because he has a short attention span. He’s emotionally unstable so you can’t fully trust him to further an artistic agenda.

3. Weakness of a sanguine rapper

Due to his loudmouthed attitude he will speak about things he can’t do. Then disappoint everyone who took him for real. He has to work on keeping to his words. In hip hop your word should be your bond.

He cannot retain information for long because of his short attention span. This robs him of a calculated approach to issues. He would have made a mistake before thinking about the decision that led to the mistake; something an analytical melancholic would never do.

Though he is very friendly, he’s not your goto guy for loyal friendship. He’s a fence sitter and make friends with both you and your enemy. He has mood swings that affect his decision making. One more moment he hates his Twitter account, the next moment he loves it.

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