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5 Reasons Why The HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE Was A Huge Success – No. 3 Is Hilarious

The the hallelujah challenge is an online christian musical concert organized by Nathaniel Bassey, a Nigerian gospel musician. In just a little over  two weeks, the show was able to reach a live attendance of over 160, 000 people. That is a feat, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

So what is the reason for the hallelujah challenge success? Many of the more religious minded like to attribute it to the thirst for a spiritual revival in Nigeria. That is true to a large extent but but permit me to hold a less idealistic point of view. Let’s deal with the strategic as well as we deal with the physiological reasons for its viral success.

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1. Nigerians are religious people

It’s not news, we love God and fellowship and we are ready to invest our time and resources to religious activities.

That is why the biggest buildings in Nigeria are all church buildings. Its why general overseers are as powerful as the president.

In fact the sharpest divides we have witnessed as a people were as a result of religious differences, as opposed to ideological differences in developed countries.

One of the reasons why hallelujah challenge is popular is because it re-branded the traditionally obtainable church crusade and packages it as a viable product with social value. So you’re having your sweet church program and guess what, your favorite celebrities are turning out.

Even if you didn’t love God, you want to feel connected. You will borrow data to join up if you have to.

2. We already knew Nathaniel Bassey

If you go to church like me, you must have heard his hit single “Onise Iyanu” being sung by your church choir. He’s nursed a niche followership in the Christian worship genre and its how this whole thing started.

The online audience started from just about 3000 made up his followers and friends of followers. But through word of mouth, tagging and sharing that audience has skyrocketed ever since.

3. Nigerians are bandwagon people

Let’s face it, we live for the rave. We are people who love life and will embrace the next coolest thing with open arms. We are emotionally driven, rather than make choices based on rational thoughts, we’d just follow the crowd. Because its easier, there is safety in numbers. We exhibit a phlegmatic character from time to time.

The core ideology and purpose of the hallelujah challenge is not any different from that of the regular church worship/praise crusade in your area.

But you’re not going for that one, you’re joining the midnight crowd. There is a certain party feel to it, and that fact that everybody in your circle talks about it makes it all the more attractive.

4. The timing is perfect

Timing is one major strategic reason for the hallelujah challenge success. Notice that there is no other show in competition for the audience right now.

If the hallelujah challenge had clashed with the FIFA world cup, the champions league or Big brother I’m sure the stats count would be a lot different. Now the hallelujah challenge has carved its niche, the next versions can air any time it wants to. Its a strategic plan, one that worked well.

5.  Data and devices are cheap and accessible

Before the android revolution a couple of years ago, many Nigerians will not dare stream a live match or watch a YouTube video. But the price of mobile phones and data has reduced significantly in the last two years and its the reason why we have the audacity to spend an hour watching high quality videos on Instagram.

The truth is more people now have access to better phones and devices, the majority use android phones. This allows for better internet participation and the hallelujah challenge had greatly benefited from it.


You have to find Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram page on your mobile phone as seen in the image above. Or you can find the the concert on the live stream icon when you follow the artiste or search the #hallelujahchallenge as seen in the Image below.

The show starts by 12 midnight, What do you think?

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