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How To Buy Rap Instrumentals And Beats Online

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If you are looking for some tips to buy rap instrumental beats Nigeria online, read this article. When you reach a certain level in your career, you will find out that free beats wont just cut it anymore. You need to get real product from a recognized producer.

The local producers may be creative but probably wont make the right beat that suits your taste, so you have to opt forĀ  ready made one. Nowadays, the popularity of buying rap instrumentals online is on the rise. As a matter of fact, it has been bringing artists and producers together from all parts of the world.

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1. Check the music licenses

First of all, you should know the difference between different music licenses. Basically, there are two types of licenses: exclusive and non exclusive. With an exclusive license, you can use the instrumentals for your projects.

On the other hand, a non exclusive license allows you to use it only for your projects, but the rights to sell the instrumental still remain with the producer.

2. Know which licenses you should buy

You should be ready to spend more money to buy exclusive licenses. This is because you don’t want someone to accuse you of stealing. You should go for an exclusive license if you are going to release an album, it gives you full ownership of the product.

The producer cannot sell the beat to anyone anymore. If he does, you can sue or seek compensation. On the other hand, if you want to record a mixtape or demo, you should go for the a cheaper type of license.

3. Prices

Often, owners of instrumental sites get carried away and charge an unreasonably high prices for their beats. At the time of writing this piece, some producers are charging up to N100, 000 for exclusive rights. Of course, the price tags are based on the talent and popularity of the producers, but we won’t recommend shelling out too much for a track. Its not like you’re sure its going to become a hit.

4. Buy from trusted producers

If you are going to buy from a website, make sure you choose a trust worthy seller. On the site, you should get the mailing address, email, phone number and contact details of the seller. Make sure they have a privacy policy too.

5. Look for the symbols

Aside from this, the site should also feature third-party trust symbols, such as PayPal or local bank Verified, BBB Certification, Shopping reviews, and other antivirus certifications.

6. Email the seller

It may sound crazy but some instrumental sites won’t get back to you if you email them. You may not want to do business with someone who doesn’t even bother replying you through email. Trusted sellers will reply within a few days if not hours.

7. Look for testimonials

Testimonials are not essential, but they help a lot. As a matter of fact, testimonials will help you have a good idea of the trustworthiness of the seller. One way to get testimonials is to go through his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages and see what people are saying.

8. Avoid producers selling from Sound click or MySpace page

If you are going to pay such a high price for something premium, you should avoid shabbily organized sellers. Good produces always have their own websites and studios. It sounds weird if someone is selling a good beat but using Sound Click or My Space as a medium. Therefore, I suggest that you avoid these sellers.

9. Google the Seller

You may also want to search for the seller on Google, he should have a social media page and a track record of satisfied customers. As a matter of fact, this will give you a pretty good idea of the reputation of the seller. If you find bad comments or something unusual in the search results, go back and look for some other site.

So, these 9 tips can help you buy rap instrumentals beats Nigeria from the right site. Hopefully, you will have a great release.

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