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Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE PHLEGMATIC RAPPER

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The effect of temperaments on hip hop music series continues. As we all know, there are 4 major temperaments that different individuals possess. This greatly affects decision making and lifestyle. Today I will delve into the character of the phlegmatic rapper.

The phlegmatic temperament is known to be the calmest and most peaceful of all four. It is characterized by a love for peace and a generally contented nature.

You might think that this temperament is not fit for the turbulent and chaotic nature if the hip hop culture, but you would be very wrong. In fact phlegmatic rappers outnumber the choleric, sanguine and melancholic rappers.

1. Attitude of the phlegmatic rapper

The phlegmatic rapper is very cool and sleek. Everybody loves them. They are the lover boys of the hip hop culture who occasionally make hits that everyone can relate to.

It is very easy to like this kind of rapper because of his political and social correct overtone. He is very careful with his art and will pay extra attention to the meaning of his verses so they end up sounding very relatable. He does this not because he cares about depth, but because he doesn’t want to start a fight.

This guy will become the rave of the moment with songs that fans of other genres can love. This is because they are not polarized by nature. They willing to things slide and will not hold unto a rap feud that can damage their good reputation.

They are easily adaptable and work really hard on their music be cause they really care about what the fans want. Unlike the melancholic who cares about the art and the choleric who cares about himself.

As such they are going to drift into different styles. They hardly ever get into trouble, and are content with staying in the background.

They play the most important role in the development of the hip hop culture since they are mostly responsible for helping others create their work. He is willing to let others take the spot light thus becoming a fertile ground for artists development.

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2. Music

Phlegmatic rappers are the most efficient in group work. They are very effective in bands and will help others grow without being selfish. Their patience and lack of huge ambition makes them great teachers. They share the glory with others and are very open to criticism.

They are instrumental in the process if making hit songs. In fact a lot of mainstream artistes require the valuable input from a lesser known phlegmatic to blow up. It may be the hook, the second verse, the beat or the music production or the sound engineering. But they bring something special to your song.

However they are unable to replicate this form on their own project. This is because they perform better in collaborations and group works. They require a team to inspire them, and when this inspiration is lacking they become complacent.

And as such they are also know as “one hit wonder” rappers due to their general lack of drive to recreate after a smash hit. Their albums rarely go platinum but they never run out of usefulness due to their diverse skills set.

Most phlegmatic rappers acquire a lot of skills, as result of time spent during service. They are able to occupy multiple independent positions unrelated to their rap or hip hop music. Frankly nothing can get done without them.

Examples of popular phlegmatic rappers are Pharell, Timbaland and Warren G; who was the original creator of the 90’s G funk sounds but was willing to let Dr Dre take the credits.

3. Weakness of a phlegmatic rapper

Because of their calm nature, they can be easily overlooked. The hip hop culture requires vibrancy and motivation, those are two things that the phlegmatic rapper lacks in huge quantities. They find it hard to maintain a niche fan base because of their lack of energy.

They can also become targets for diss and insults. This guy will not fire back as violently as a rapper should. And even if he does, it would be in form of a shade.

They becomes cheap shots very easily, this is why they usually make good friends with the choleric rapper who can offer protection due to his mad warrior nature.

The phlegmatic rapper is not going to have s running feud with anyone. He would rather defect that role to the members of his clique who will mostly be choleric.

He has no problem with obeying what he is told to do, so he enjoys the company of the bossy choleric who will in turn offer protection by biting anyone who disses him.

Nate Dogg thrived in the Dogg pound gang because of the angry and reckless nature of Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre. Both of them were ready to take on any feud and it provided a nice cover for Nate.

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