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Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE MELANCHOLIC RAPPER

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Today let’s look at the melancholic temperament, which is also known as the genius temperament. It is important to note that hip hop is incomplete without rappers from all four temperaments. The varsity makes it work.

This group of rappers are the inventors of the art despite the fact that they may not become the most financially accomplished. They will become grand masters and younger generations will refer to them or compare themselves against the lyrical standards set by the melancholic rappers. So here are the notable characters to watch;

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1. Disposition of a melancholic rapper

The melancholic rapper comes of as a serious person. He is always rapping about the deeper meanings of things. This makes them come of as sad and depressing.

They are found making conscious or socio-politically charged music. He will eventually carve a niche for himself and establish a loyal following because of his quality and consistency.

They do not look for trouble or attention and thus do not attract as much press as the sanguine or the choleric rapper. This means that he finds it hard to really blow up big in the pop mainstream since the music industry fans live for controversy and wanton fun.

However he will not shy away from a good fight, unlike the phlegmatic rapper. The melancholic rapper will go completely into a rap feud and deliver devastating deathly diss tracks because of his innate ability to research and construct art. This is also because he is unable to separate his music from his personal life due to his introverted nature.

Example: Mode 9 defeated Rugged Man in one swoop with “Deathblow”. Melancholic Mode 9 had studied his opponent and watched him closely for months. Contrary to popular opinion the track wasn’t instinctive.

2. Content

Melancholic rappers are the most lyrically dexterous artistes around. They have a lazer sharp focus which enables them to remain devoted to a niche genre while churning out material and maintaining a consistent quality. They maintain a very high artistic standard because of their perfectionism.

It makes them quick to criticize others, just as much as they criticize themselves and their work. The melancholic rapper is a loyal follower of the grand masters or anyone who he has chosen to respect. He feels that the art deserves to be protected or preserved and a slight deviation from the original plan will upset him.

He believes in analysis and this makes him boring. As such, he lacks the instinctiveness of a pop star and he’d rather just watch the drama from a far place as though mixing up with others will corrupt his precious knowledge.

Example are Nas, Immortal Technique or Jesse Jags. Both rappers exhibit this temperament. Although these ones made it to the mainstream, many believe they should be a lot richer than they are.

3. Weaknesses

Such rappers are usually confined to the term “underground” because of their inability to sell. He is very emotional and that makes him Moody or too serious for the kind of irresponsible mainstream entertainment that sells.

The ultimate rap battle adversary of a melancholic rapper is a more experienced melancholic rapper who has more wit and darkness. In other words they make the best diss tracks of all the for temperaments.

Examples of melancholic rappers are Canibus, Cassidy and Kendrick Lamar.

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