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How To Win A Rap Competition In Naija; 4 Tactics That Help You Succeed

A lot of rappers and Nigerian hip hop followers have all been to a rap competition Nigeria. We come prepared to listen to deliveries of resounding lyrical assaults. Its easier said than done and sometimes your liver fails when you get up on stage to become a rap battle participant.

You’re getting fidgety because you’re not really sure how to go about it, its not because you can’t rap. In fact you’ve bodied this guy hundred times over during practice at home but you never truly thought about your strategy when you meet face to face. Things turn out different when you’re in the hot spot facing your competitor.

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So what do you do? Skill isn’t just enough, you need to be a showman because the idea is to disgrace your opposition. A rap battle is as psychological as it is physical and here four strategies you can use to end your opponent;

1. Ridicule him and take away his credibility

The best battle rappers aren’t trying to go all machine gun at first. Rather they try to score points by making others laugh at the opponent. The crowd is here for a show so they are always open to a good comic who can crack them up.

Take your opponents shoes, his watches, his hairstyle and compare them to really ridiculous things. You defeat your opponent psychologically when he knows the audience aren’t taking him serious anymore. He’s going to try to drop a comeback but you’ve already planted doubts in the minds of the audience.

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Rappers come to rap battle with a persona. Whatever they come as, your job is to make people laugh about the situation. Its important for you to have a head start if your going with this tactic. You have to be the first person to yab in order to gain the advantage.

It doesn’t matter if he’s been dropping hard-ass punches, if his credibility is gone, everything hes saying will sound like dog poo. You want to reduce his bad guy image to rubble, and yabs are the best way of doing that. It shows you have no respect for him.

“Is that your face or your ass is happy to see me”

2. Research the competition and know your opponent

This is a more serious and deliberate tactic. Battle rappers study themselves to find exploitable loopholes in their opponents character. They need to find an inconsistency that they can pounce on.

Weakness isn’t tolerated in hip hop and you’re going to have to guard against anything that makes you look like a sissy. Your rap battle opponent is currently scouring your Facebook pages and looking for any silly thing you did in the past.

Researching your opponent is great because it gives you firsthand knowledge of what to talk about. What you are trying to do is crush his spirit and put him on the defensive. You gain a psychological advantage over your adversary when you’re able to get him emotional. It helps when the jabs coming from you are depictions of things that really happened.

You cant have pity on your opponent, you cant save words. He wouldn’t be gracious either If the tables were turned. So keep heaping more shameful facts and explain why he sucks. Dig deep into his personality, perforate his spirit by referring to his past failures. He inadequacies and misgivings. Talk about his failed relationships and why his girlfriend left him.

This tactic can erase any chance of you both becoming friends in future because it’s very ruthless. But this is the survival of the fittest and only the baddest will survive. Rap competition Nigeria is not for the weak.

3. Lie about your opposition and concoct stories that can wow the crowd

After you’ve researched your opponent and couldn’t find and weakness in his life. The next thing to do is to create lies that look like the truth. You need to know what your opponent is prone to. You should create a lie that looks like something he’s capable of doing. What kind of rumor would make him less popular?

Think of something false but relatable and put it out there. While you are at it, you’ve got to present it as though it was privileged information that only a few people know of. Your opposition is going to try to rubbish it and some wouldn’t take it seriously but q lot other will and that’s enough.

“I heard that you tried to f∆ck a girl but your little soldier couldn’t wake up..Is there something you wanna tell us?”

4. Bluff and scare him away be being hard

This is the mist high risk strategy simply because it can blow up in your face. But majority of battle rappers do it and it works. If you want to end your opponent quickly and decisively, you have to come acting like the ultimate gangster. You have to talk and Rap like one too.

Be as violent and coarse as possible, have no restraints and threaten to take the fight out of the battle unto the streets. You have to be louder and more banal. You need to have more braggadocio, the crowd goes in the direction of the one who has the ego.

Be all up in his face and call names of people you dropped flat. Talk about fights you’ve been in and the things you did to the others. If you can scare him, you will take his courage away. And with his courage gone, so will his flow.

Secondly, if the bars you dropped were powerful enough, he will become careful with his words. This is limiting his brain capacity, he will start filtering his thoughts instead of battling freely. This is considering your opponent does not have strong nerves. 9 out of 10 will crumble.

Those are some things you need to craft if your are to win a rap competition nigeria in 2017, What do you think?

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