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6 Sure Ways To Piss Off Hip Hop Heads – No. 6 Is Really Hilarious

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Hip hop has changed a lot, it’s not the same way it was about 20 or 30 years ago. The hip hop heads who lived through the 90s will tell you that they witnessed the golden era of the culture.

It’s difficult for them to accept the newer and less serious forms of hip hop like trap. They are right to a large extent because new doesn’t always mean better. But hip hop has moved on, almost every thing has. Most of them are in their 40s and late 30s now.

There is also another category of hip hop heads who grew up listening to sounds from the past. They did not necessarily live through that golden era.

They are younger and more vocal about their disgust for trash music. I belong to this category and I have come up with a list of things you can say to get on the nerves of a hip hop head any day.

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1. Use phrases like “on fleek” or play Juicy J loudly

If your aim is to draw a hip hop heads eternal condemnation, then this is the move to make. The stare you’re going to get from doing this will be nothing short of the one you get from Liam Neeson when you steal his daughter.

2. Say ignorant things like ” who is Rakim?”

This could wreck a Nigerian hip hop heads mood. He can’t believe how you don’t know the legends and at the same time can’t explain it to you because he’s not sure if you’re just being sarcastic.

Disregarding the importance of the cultures old timers can cause an argument. One in which the hip hop head will seek to inform you and explain why you’re wrong.

But you’re out there to piss him off so just insist that Rakim never existed and watch him melt. He is shocked at your ignorant confidence and mad at you for not wanting to listen.

3. Dress like you’re gay

Back in the 90s girl Acts like TLC, Aaliyah and Missy Eliot took fashion cues from the guys. Now its the other way round. Its not uncommon to find trap rappers who wear pink skirts now.

Young thug is a primary example, he even called Uzi Vert his “bae” in an Instagram post. Some rappers like lil Yatchy also wear makeup and lip glosses these days. Hip hop heads cannot comprehend this.

Hip hop heads are desperately homophobic. You could be the best rapper in terms of content but this will earn you much hate from a hip hop head. Also, you just skip the stress and say you like Macklemore. You’ll upset them more, hip hop heads hate him for these 3 reasons

a. He’s white
b. Won a Grammy with a gay-ish song
c. Beat Kendrick Lamar to that Grammy with that gay-ish song

4. Openly famz Mumble rap

You know what mumble is right? Its an improvised vocal delivery where rappers deliberately choose to pronounce words incorrectly and incoherently. The aim is to blur the words, to give the verse a rhythm or to just mumble…I hear it feels good.

Hopsin took an aim at mumblers in a video where he practically described how they cook it in the studio. When you come out to declare your love for mumble rap openly, you have also just stepped out to declare a war against rappers who produce a discreet delivery.

Hip hop heads are very tribal and do not like partisans. You could enjoy mumble and still dig crafty lyricism but guess who hates you now.

5. Say things like “my generation has better rappers than yours”

What? No hip hop head wants to hear this. They do not agree that your generation can be better than a generation that produced 2 pac, Biggie smalls, Dr Dre, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Nas.

So when you say things like this, you’re going to get rebuked. In fact you could be banished to North Korea if they had their way.

6. Say things like – (insert your favorite new rapper’s name) is real

First of all hip hop head are somewhat perfectionists who have developed a knack for offering criticism over the years. They will never agree that any of today’s mainstream rappers is real.

So when when you say things like this, they want you to explain yourself. And when you do, expect them to pull out an Eazy E comparison. Now how do you beat that? Just do number 2 and ask who is Eazy E?.

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