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You Will Fail If You Start A Music Studio Business In Nigeria Without This

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You will surely fail if you start music studio business Nigeria on impulse, You should have a plan before you start building. Recording studios should not operate on an “if I build it they will come” basis. With that in mind, here is one approach people use when starting up a recording studio:

1. Go around coveting and drooling over other people’s studios for a while.

2. Save up all your cash

3. Start up by building the type of studio that you’ve always dreamed of. The kind you just know that you’d always be satisfied with.

4. Then, go looking for clients to fill it up with.


This does not work for small studios in Nigeria. That kind of approach has failed a lot of times. There are dozens of reasons why this procedure is so rarely fruitful, especially in the music studio business.

Practical reasons:

You probably didn’t do a thorough visibility check to ascertain if there was demand for yet another fully functional studio in the area. It doesn’t matter if there are none of them to begin with.

There are motivational reasons this approach fails as well:

When your primary professional life’s goal is to build the studio of your dreams, just what is supposed to keep you going once you’ve already built it?

Imagine yourself, after more than a decade of hard work,  you finally built your own great studio. But no one else was as happy about it as you were. My guy once told me that

 “There is nothing more depressing than an empty and unused music recording studio that looks like it was built in the hopes that Wizkid would come walking through the door any minute now.”

The only way that one of these studios is likely to be a good career choice is if you’re buying it off the former owner at a very cheap rate…After he’s blown through with it or lost his interest in it, or even both.

But even then, I’d be hesitant to recommend this route unless you already have sufficient need beating down your door. Only a few things can justify the expense in Nigeria. Even if you get it cheap, starting with the a fully equipped music recording studio can often be more of an uphill battle than planning on ending with one. Here’s a better strategy to start music studio business Nigeria:

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1. Start doing studio work

It doesn’t matter if it’s at a standard recording studio. It can be in a corner of your room, or at any space you can get to fit your equipments. Charge for your work while you’re at it. The fact that you’re working out of your room doesn’t make your work less valuable. People will only value you as much as you value yourself.

Better yet, you can divert the money you were planning to use to buy those million Naira equipments. Then use it to finance some of your own music projects instead. Great gear is a luxury, great work is rare and that’s what people need.

Whichever way you approach it, make sure you start out by developing a real clientele and a good local profile. That is the key to having a great studio. Clients come first, the work you for for them comes first. Everything else is secondary.

2. Build relationships with producers

Hookup with local  studios in your area and make use of their free hours. Even if your ultimate goal is to build your own studio, it’s wise to get started by hanging out with music producers and sound engineers at studios near you. There are many of them and producers love showing off their work.

Maybe you can even pay for a session at one of these places. Bring in your artists or record yourself to feel their gear. You can also do the majority of your work at home or project studio, and only use the paid studios for big sessions. In any event, these kinds of arrangements are a win for everyone.

Once you start getting lots of time consuming bookings that now causes you schedule trouble. Then you should consider building your own music recording studio. You might also consider building if you’ve done an honest assessment of your customers and found that it would be more cost effective to have your own place.

3. Start small and grow

Do NOT start your music production journey by building the studio of your dreams. Start out by building the studio that makes sense for your income and experience right now.

It could be a home studio or a small personal studio or a modest commercial studio. Whatever the work you know you’ll be doing calls for. Then, consolidate and upgrade your studio gradually over the course of time until you either:

a. Finally have the studio you always dreamed about
b. Realize you’d rather be a studio customer than a studio owner

Too often, we look at amazing and bustling works class recording studios and only see what they look like today, after decades of being successful businesses.

On the other hand in cases of studios that took an I’ll informed approach. We fail to notice that for all their gadgets and amenities, they just don’t seem to be doing any actual business at all.

When you see a truly busy and successful recording music studio business, remember that all their gear and decor and extra rooms aren’t what’s getting them all the work.

Those things are the result consistency and quality for so long that the studio’s owners had sufficient money to reinvest it in their business. So that they could do even more work. This may sound like a subtle distinction at first, but it’s not. It is the difference between a thriving business and an hollow Fabergé shell, filled with nothing but the echoes of broken musical dreams.

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