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TERRY THA RAPMAN To Release NEW MOVIE – Boys Are Not Smiling (Preview)

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You probably don’t know this but Terry tha Rapman aka Joey Spasm is diversifying into movie production this year. His new movie is going to be titled BANS fabricated off his popular boys are not smiling brand.

Boys are not smiling is arguably be the most hip hop themed brand in Nigeria. He launched it in 2010, it caught on really well with young adults and it has brought TR a lot of rave.

5 years ago “boys are not smiling” was everywhere. It was impossible to walk down the street without seeing it on someone’s shirt. Terry could have easily made a billion bucks out of the merchandise and become one of the richest Nigerian artiste. But we’ve got piracy problems in Nigeria.

Its only right for him to make a movie out of it while we still remember the slogan. The movie will be directed by veteran AMVCA winner Imoh Umoren.

Its loosely based on the life of Terry Tha Rapman. You know what this means right? We are probably going to see representations of the old Swat Roots band which included Overdose, Mode 9, Rule clean, 6 foot plus and himself. This is probably going to be Nigeria’s first straight out of Compton. That’s enough nostalgia for you to chew on.

Speaking with Konbini about the movie, he said:

“The movie is about that part of the Nigerian entertainment industry people don’t get to see or hear about. A lot of people don’t know about the blood, sweat and tears artistes go through before their big break.”

He didn’t stop there

“My fans should expect nothing short of a masterpiece. Like my music, I take everything I do seriously. This is why I picked Imoh Umoren to work with. His movies have that edge I been looking for. It’s a movie script loosely based around my life although we decided to make my character fictional.”

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There is no official date for the release or movie trailer  for terry tha rapmans new movie yet. But we believe that work is in progress. If done right, Terry tha rapmans new movie can make him some good cinema cash.

The Nassarawa state born artiste has a good steady fan base in the north. In a chat with Hip hop head he admitted

“I know the only reason I’m still relevant is because of my northern fans”

Earlier this year he stated that hip hop in Nigeria is dead. This was after his pop track “gamusu” met heavy criticism from rap followers. They accused him of selling out. He fired back in a long post on Facebook that accused fans and the media of hypocrisy.

“There is this issue I’d like to address as an artist which boils down to the issue of “Be a hardcore rapper and don’t change” and the “Don’t do pangolo music” debate.

Being in this game for so long, I can attest there’s something ideologically hypocritical from so called fans and media who show you no support when you release consistent materials from your acclaimed genre only for them to gnash their teeth at you when you go the other way”

Continuing in that same tone:

“Hip hop, rap especially is dead and long gone thanks to fake fans and media who do not support the movement. The so called fans we are accustomed to in this part of the world only debate who’s a better rapper, who bodied who bla bla bla on a song. And this same hypocrites come out to shout “He sold out” when they hear you switch style.

“For the records, apart from being an artist, I’m human and if I cannot diversify (which I should have done years ago), then I’m in the wrong planet. I don’t know where people get this debate of “Hardcore rappers don’t sing” or “Rappers don’t go commercial”. Says who?”

“Biggie did it with Juice, Pac did it with California Love, Eminem/JAYZ have brought in the world’s best singers to sell their songs. What about Drake? Kendrick? J Cole?. Right here in Nigeria, my friends Vector, MI, Ice Prince, Reminisce, Olamide, Falz the Bahd guy, Phyno, Yung6ix have all done that at various times”

He concludes:

“For the records, as much as I have an important legacy to leave, I also have bills to pay”

Terry tha Rapman has evolved and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down his roll. Now known as Lord TR, he was a member of the defunct Swat Roots hip hip group.

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