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Soulflame Unscripted Is Different And Here Is why You Should Follow It

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Soul flame unscripted is a new series created by the rap/hip hop arm of YWAP (youth with a purpose). YWAP is a Christian youth group with an objective to affect youth with the Gospel through unorthodox methods.

Soul flame has over a hundred members nationwide and they make great music. The series contains cyphers, meetings and other soul flame activities.

Here is what I got from soul flame’s international Facebook page

“Soul flame unscripted is a series of shorts video clips of Soul flame’s activities; meetings, hangouts, Cyphers and lots more. The Soul flame unscripted series is scheduled to be in different episodes premiering every Sunday which explains the hashtag #SoulFlameSundays . The aim of the series is to give lovers of good music an opportunity to see beyond the performances on stage”

Then I had a chat with soul flame leader Minkir and he was like;

“It’s basically a behind the scenes stuff. It’s not limited to just rap. It’s sorta like a documentary”

I’m an underground rap person so I’ll be talking about the burnout/cypher part of the new series. You can watch the first session via the link at the end of this post. Here are 3 reasons why you should tune in for the next session.

1. It is raw

The first cypher video was shot in an improvised library-esqe background. These cats got together and cooked it up, its got “spontaneous” written all over it. It doesn’t look premeditated and that adds more seasoning to the soup. I believe this is where it gets the “unscripted” tag from.

Over rehearsed cypher videos are too artificial, the essence is lost when rappers come out sounding too prepared. We want our cyphers a little rough around the edges. We want to hear the listeners cheer or boo in the background. We want to see how the rappers come in and how they pass the microphone. We don’t want video editors to assist rappers by implementing cuts and joins.

So if you’re looking for something other than red cups and “I’m so fly” rap. I present to you hip hop in it’s most primal form, look no further.

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2. New rappers

Soul flame unscripted cyphers features new and amazing rappers. You don’t know them yet so you can’t be sure of what to expect. We’re hoping to witness more variety in the next session, considering the numbers in soul flame.

New rappers are on the edge because they want to impress. They put in work to give their best, so complacency isn’t something you’d have to worry about. This is one reason why I love listening to new material. You should too.

3. G rating

Soul flame unscripted cyphers are radio friendly so you do not need to worry about curse words. The group is redefining the practice of hip hop. They embody all elements of the culture and posses a remarkable ability to communicate knowledge. So If you’re a Nigerian hip hop observer in search of sensible and relatable rap; here is your bus stop.

Watch the video here

To put it plainly. Soul flame rappers are all about the gospel of Jesus. It doesn’t get better than this.

OG Adoga
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