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Milestone Announcement; Hip Hop Head Is One Month Old

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It’s been an exciting one month. Hip hop head Nigeria has recorded some growth and we thank you for Reading us. In case you’re just visiting for the first time and do not know what we do; I’ve written a brief history about us.

How we started

On the 24th of March 2017, I went online to look for a strictly Nigerian underground hip hop blog. I wanted a place to keep in touch with new rappers and happenings. Rather I found a lot of Mp3 sharing blogs and a couple of outdated hip hop targeted blog posts.

Since there was none in this particular niche, I got the idea to start one on 25th march 2017. I decided to register a domain name with whogohost, a Nigerian web hosting provider.

I chose to go with a Nigerian sub domain as in in order to let visitors and search engines know that the new blog is going to be updated with strictly Nigerian targeted content.

The blog started officially on the 14th of April and its been great.


1. To create Nigeria’s biggest hip hop knowledge base.
2. To promote the use of skill and lyricism In Nigerian hip hop music.
3. To project and sell the unique image of Nigerian hip hop while stressing the business end of the art.
3. To provide underground and upcoming rappers with valuable career instructions. We intend to become a daily devotional for all budding artistes.
4. To generate reviews on new and controversial songs, artistes and mix tapes with the aim of guiding listeners into making informed choices.
5. To write critiques on hot topics with the aim of creating intelligent arguments and discussions withing the Nigerian hip hop community.


1. We will engage veterans in interviews and discussions so as to get to the bottom of issues and to set records straight. We may make references to pop artistes in our posts to drive home our points. Hip hop is a genre of many parts and we want to get a variety of voices on every issue.

2. We welcome guests posts from observers, listeners, critics and hip hop heads. To truly become Nigeria’s biggest hip hop blog, we must field thoughts from different people. Nigerians are intelligent and outspoken so its only right for us to throw the floor open. We want you to air your views, your opinions remain yours. We won’t be making changes to your write up.

3. We are giving the spotlight to artistes you have never heard of. Our reviews cover your work and it aims to throw more light at your progress so far. This is the blog for gifted upcoming Nigerian rappers.


Hip Hop Head has been blessed with 2, 541 visits and 10, 953 page views from 25 blog posts in the last 30 days. We also have one new guest author by the name IwriteGold. My friend DEO fixed this Logo for me.

We have 25 blog posts as of now and will continue to write more. Do not hesitate to contact us If you need us to write a review for your project. We might be upgrading our theme soon to serve you better.

We are growing and expanding so do well to join us now in the beginning. We are creating a large community of hip hop followers in Nigeria. Reach us now here or Fill in your email and subscribe now.

Yours truly,

OG Adoga.


OG Adoga
I am a Rap Music Instructor, Hip Hop Culture Custodian, Promotion Expert, all round smooth operator and chief editor at Hip Hop Head. Call me on 09050391411 (No free jobs) ______________________________________________________________________________ To join our Whatsapp group copy and paste the link below in your browser (Lovers of Hip Hop only)

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