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Which Sites Can I Post Or Upload My Songs For Free In Nigeria?

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Where can I upload my songs to for free in Nigeria? This is a question that many upcoming artistes ask daily. Its a legit question, one that deserves an answer. To that effect I have written this short review to show you some sites where you can upload your Songs free in Nigeria.

Blogs can be very useful but other times they can be really snobbish. You could send your songs to a blogger only to yet ignored. Those who do not ignore you may charge an exorbitant fee. But here is the good news for upcoming artistes. I have listed some websites where you can upload their songs yourselves.

Most of the sites listed here require registration but generally do not charge as they are sites to upload music and share for free. You have to register because you need to have can artiste account with them. You can also pay to access a premium promotion or distribution feature. Below are free music upload sites in Nigeria:

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1. Naijapals

This is the largest user generated entertainment niche platform in Nigeria. Naijapals has about two million likes on Facebook and over fifty five thousand followed on Twitter. The core Nigerian following on the website is a plus for an upcoming artiste.

They have been able to build a framework of like minded entertainment fanatics. This means they have a large targeted audience and your music is not going to be seen by random and uninterested people. So open an account with them and  upload your song for free today.

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2. SoundCould

Souncloud is a music streaming service that allows you upload your songs and share them. It’s a great place for niche upcoming artistes to get recognition because they also have an active listening underground community.

It services artistes from all over the world so it’s not peculiar to Nigeria alone.  SoundCloud hopes to introduce subscribers to new music using its automated radio stations.

A subscriber can start a station based on a favorite song, and SoundCloud will automatically create a mix of music that features both major artists and little-known, no-name musicians. If you’re lucky, you might just come upon a gem. If not, you may be reaching for the skip button.You can register with them and give it a try.

3. ReverbNation

Reverbnation is a chart like music platform where you can upload music, share links and get ranked based on the performance of your song of project. Its also a service for scouts and agents to find upcoming artistes.

They allow users to follow each other based on musical interest. You become a fan when you follow someone. Your followership statistics from Facebook and Twitter are also calculated and appears on your profile as a cumulative of your total number of fans.

The website allows you to embed links to your Facebook and Twitter page so that anyone can follow or like you directly from your own artiste page. You can also update your activity list to let fans who where you’re going to be or where you’re performing at.

Its not just for artistes, its a total music driven social network for entertainment professionals. You will find renowned agents and you can get in touch with them. Because Scouts outsource jobs to them, they perform a scouting function and occasionally sends out invitations to upcoming artistes to perform at gigs or shows depending on the required genre.

They also have premium features that allow you and your songs to get spotlight on the homepage. It comes at a price of course, but you can be sure you’re going to get called soon if your great songs meet with the right exposure. Hundreds of artistes are discovered month from reverb. But Our gig management system in Nigeria is still weak so reverbnation isn’t as effective as it should be in Nigeria.


Notjustok is the largest and most visited music site in Nigeria. Before now you’d have to send your songs to the administrator for review and manual posting. But this model quickly became outdated as number of artistes in the music industry grew.

In 2015 they launched, a service that allows upcoming musicians to upload their songs themselves while interacting with others of like minds. You can get complete download and stream statistics on your song page.

You can also be up voted if your songs are liked. Listeners can also write comments on your songs which serves as feedback. When you register an account with the website, uploading music is free. The only issue is that they do not allow video uploads at this time.


Its parent website, Naij. com is a big news magazine. Its updated on an hourly basis by tens of writers. They launched their music service to cater for the users growing need for fresh music. They have also launched an internet radio.

The website makes it very easy to sign up and log in because they use a Facebook linkup plugin. This means that once you are logged into your Facebook profile on your phone, you can as well access the website with ease.

When you sign up, you will get a user profile and a dashboard where you will find options to upload your music files. Your songs will be managed by you and you can monitor it. Free of charge.


This website is a relatively new niche music hosting service. They rely majourly on user generated content. As the name implies, they provide this service for christian musicians.

Their old model was the submission and review style where you had to submit your songs and wait for it to get posted.

But they switched up and redesigned the whole framework. The redevelopment took then a while, the site was offline for about a year but it was worth the wait.

They announced a relaunch on 25th March and their traffic statistics has soared ever since. The new system allows you to upload your songs free.

Each of your songs gets a unique page, showing its stats and comments. These pages are linked with your profile. On your artiste profile, you can have followers who will be notified each time you post a new song.


African hiphop is a discussion  forum for lovers of rap music from around Africa. The website also enables users to create threads and reply to posts by others.

They also have a music service that allows hip hop artistes to upload their own songs into the forum. To do that, you have register an artiste account and create a threat. Users of the forum can listen to it, drop comments and rate it.

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