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5 Things You Need To Know About DAMI’S WHO YOU ARE

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Dami is a young underground rapper from YWAP’s soul flame. Hes a student of FUT Minna and a born again christian. We got chatting on whatsapp yesterday evening and I was presented with a VIP opportunity to listen to his fresh jam titled “Who you are” along the line. Damis who you are is the topic.

You know me, I’m all about new hip hop voices so I had to write something about this one. This is a preview of the yet to be released single. Lets skip to the point already. Follow him on twitter @This_is_Dami

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1. He is maturing fast

This Dami is not the same guy I met while I was at FUT Minna. That guy was a little shy and uncertain.

He didn’t know how to count his bars, he would write his verse like an essay and would only stop flipping when you told him to. Fast forward to 2017, Dami is calculated and and a lot more deliberate. He isn’t saving words either, he’s now very bold.


If you’re going to get better at your art, you need to surround yourself with good artistes.

His relationship with soul flame has helped him to sharpen his skills significantly. He represents the future of Christian hip hop in Nigeria.

However he can work to create a more robust structure for his verses. His bars are irregularly unique because he writes them in an overlapping manner, its refreshing.

This means he has to stress words to implement his rhyme pattern on the beat. He has come a long way and will master it eventually.

We’re all going to be glad we knew him from the beginning.

2. Dami loves God….and girls

Dami cares about the ladies and this song is motivated by godly love.

What you talk about girl?/ Heart breaks got you pushing down your nostrils;
substances keep you high in a cell/keep you in a spot so you never have to exhale

Those bars got my attention. There are a lot of young women doing drugs to get over their problems.

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These things are hard to explain. There are lots of variables to consider when trying to explain why people do what they do. But one thing is for sure, drugs are not the way out.

This does not imply that these practices are only peculiar to young women. He isn’t wasting any time as he goes straight to recommend Jesus as the solution.

“Haters gonn talk but you so fine made in the beautiful image of God most high
You’re really cool and you’re so beautiful don’t let them ridicule you”
“Girl you’ve got to be you i say/There is freedom in the blood of the lamb slain”

3. Monlee is yet to leave the anguwar

Girl this is who you are x2
fancy things and make up never make you any better than created for his pleasure
Oh this is who you are beauty undefined, girl you are divine

We all thought by the anguwar was a one time thing. But no, Monlee has found land for his ministry and he’s probably going to build a house on it.

The song is lifted unto a different plane by this coolly taken hook. I love layed back music and I can’t wait for this part every time I play the song.

4. Its got a lot to do with men

“Girl you hurting and we know that
You need love you lean on the wrong shoulders
Of men who call you animal names cos you think they will help you when you’re sober”

“They are cynical trying to belittle you
put no make up on true talk you’re beautiful”

“Young homie treat her like you’re suppose to
Like a brother to you like a sister to you
She ain’t a tool so don’t use her don’t be a fool
S*x should be meant for the couple
Married not single like me and you”

I think Dami has a personal beef with irresponsible men, everyone should. I’m talking about those you call fuccc boys.

A sweet young girl could have her dignity snatched from her by a guy she loves. Nobody understands how she feels and even the ones who do mock her for it. She develops a thick skin and becomes a hustla. The same sweet innocent girl could turn out to be a ho.

Dami is a member of SoulFlame

Whatever she becomes is on her. I’m just saying that no one blames the guy that destroyed her emotionally.

Its easy to tell people to carry their crosses, after all its every man for himself on judgement day. But its more difficult to accept that our decisions are capable of destroying other peoples lives.

However this is not saying that men are the only reason why good girls go bad.

Some of them do it for money and others simply love it.

But Dami is throwing a shade, it wouldn’t hurt us to be responsible for one day other than Sunday.

Finally, The song drops on the 26th of May, wait for it.

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