BlaqBonezBlaqBonez I have had enough of sub tweets and interviews where Nigerian rappers rant but nothing concrete is being done to address issues. Finally the crowned prince and the favorite for the Nigerian rap throne entered the studio and set records straight. And it was nobody other than the overthrown king of

HipHopHead’s DaTownCrier Drops Fire on Dilla day

DaTownCrier drops "In the Name of LOVE" on Dilla day DaTownCrier comes with his first track of 2019 titled "In the Name of LOVE" produced by the Late Legendary American Hip Hop producer J-Dilla. For Hip Hop fans who don't really know who J-Dilla is, he was one of the fathers of

Why musicians are so proud

Why musicians are so proud. Have you observed that about 85% of musicians, singers, choir masters, instrumentalists, often express pride in their actions? They will always have reasons to criticize, grumble, to be jealous, gossip, envy one another. They will always see mistakes in others, argue, complain. They often misbehave because

The reason why many millionaires, top celebrities and musicians ends up poor.

The reason why many millionaires, top celebrities and musicians ends up poor. Many celebrities soared so high to the sky and limelight yesterday only to tumbled into obscurity, lost everything they had and fell from riches to rags. Some spent more than their income and became indebted and were forced out


Music is so beautiful that all creatures respond to the rhythm. This includes flowers, insects, lunatics, birds, infants, fish, men and angels. I can’t just imagine how lonely the world would be without the wonderful gift of music. Music enlivens the world and brighten our dark and gloomy days. Indeed,

Top 11 Most Powerful Lines From M.I’s Fifth Studio Album, “Yxng DxnzL” – Do You Agree?

When M.I said he knows his place in history, you can't but wonder "What place? What history?" I'll help you. Jude Abaga is a revolutionary figure for Hip-hop in Africa. And he has already aligned with the greats. In 2008, M.I released "Talk About It" which is arguably the most-important piece

Could This Be The End Of Ice Prince?

Could this be the extinction of Ice Prince? He was one of the top Nigerian artistes that rocked Africa. Back in 2013, the rapper had an epic season and moving from one endorsement deal to the other. He visited Zambia at some point, and I recall one of the local