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I’m OG Adoga

I am a Nigerian rapper and rap coach. I’ve been a Hip Hop enthusiast for as long as I can remember. On the 6th of March 2017, I decided to create Africa’s own Hip Hop Library. Thanks to our loyal readers, its been a dream so far. Find my contact details at the end of this post.

You can write on Hip Hop Head

Real Hip Hop Heads are vocal people who speak their minds no matter the odds. It can be in form of a contribution, a featured guest post.  If you have a report, a new project or an artiste you’d like to cover or promote, feel free to holla. Here are the requirements for posts;

(a) If you want to submit a bio, a new song, a story or a press release; it must be original and over 500 words. I don’t do copy and paste on Hip Hop Head. If I check and find it online elsewhere, I will not post it.

(b) Your submission should contain valuable information and be free of grammatical errors. .

(c) Your post cannot contain more than one link. I do not like spam.

(d) We are a targeted niche site, and your post must be related to rap music and hip hop in Nigeria.

If you can satisfy the conditions above, do go over to the Join us page and follow the instructions there

I also wish to invite you to be part of this blog, always drop a comment to let us know how you feel about our write-ups. I’m not one of those people who claim to be CEO of this and that, I’m as down to earth as anyone can be. So feel free to talk to me about your views and ideas about your issues.


Apart from being a rap coach and hip hop enthusiast, I am also a social media expert. In this capacity, I plan and build social media following for artistes. The best way to get a record label today is to gather a lot of followers online. I am very open to conversations that will help you build a profitable career.

I also love to listen to new music and assist new artistes. From time to time I recommend artistes who work with me to radio personnel, record labels and artiste managers for free. You can give it a shot if you think you’ve got the quality to compete with the best. By quality I mean sound engineering and skill.

Note: I get paid to recommend artistes to record labels so do not always expect a free job. Thanks.

Facebook: OG Adoga

Twitter: OG Adoga

Instagram: OG Adoga

Phone: 09050391411 (I prefer calls because I hardly have ample time to respond to chats)

Email: or

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