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How To Start A Record Label In Nigeria From Scratch With No Cash

The Nigerian music industry is growing bigger every year. To start record label Nigeria requires independent research, team management skills, dedicated planning and program implementation. I will break those concepts down as this article goes further.There are more players coming into the Nigerian music industry per time. There are also

How To Build A Social Media Following In Nigeria, 5 Tips For Upcoming Artistes

The most pressing problem that upcoming artistes face is getting the right publicity and recognition. The quest for building social media following Nigeria is not a new phenomenon as even top musicians and performers are always engaged in an ever present struggle for relevance and brand growth.This has made it

5 Simple Things You Can Use For Promoting Your Rap Career In Nigeria

Nigeria hosts some of the best musicians in the continent. This is indeed the entertainment capital of Africa. Nigerian artistes are wildly followed in anglophone countries like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania.The love for Nigerian music makes it even more difficult for local artistes