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How To Develop A Better Rap Delivery For Your Stage Performances

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Upcoming rappers in Nigeria all have one thing in common. They all think they’re the next best thing. They are wrong 99.9% of the time, because it doesn’t matter what you think you are. what matters is what your listeners are able to deduce when you come up on stage to grab that microphone.

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How do they receive you and your bars? Are they sleepy or do they just stare blankly because they cant hear a damn thing coming out of your mouth?

You could be stepping out in your new pair of Nike limited editions and your fly vintage shirt. But if you’re not good enough, all of that isn’t going to cut you any slack.

So today, allow me to delve into the study of RAP DELIVERY. What is rap delivery? For starters, it is simply the way you say the things you say. It is how audible your bars sound; how articulate you pronounce your words. In rap, delivery is as important as your whole act. Its the vehicle on which your lyrics ride. A broke down ride will hinder your lyrics from reaching the listener with the right intensity.

Jigga has one of the best deliveries in hip hop

I’ve seen many lyrically dope rappers with poor rap delivery. Its heartbreaking. Their words fall on deaf ears because people are distracted. A powerful delivery will hold your audience and allow you enchant them with your bars. So how do you get this over with? Here are a few things you should consider in your closet.

1. Practice your breath control for better rap delivery

Its compulsory to breath while you rap. The pros do not totally sink in air, they have a way of breathing in between bars in such a way that you won’t notice. So why so you have to practice how to breath?

You need to do this because without enough air in your lungs, you might be unable to pronounce some words after doing a multi-syllabic rhymes. In rap, always avoid getting stuck for air. Also avoid heavy breathing, it make you look amateuristic. The idea is to make it look like there is no stress.

2. Learn and beat your weak points

Some people are unable to pronounce the alphabet “R”. Shutout to my Anambra brothers. For some people its the dreaded “L”. Physiology matters too. If you notice, rappers with smaller tongues are better flippers; they can rap faster due to the space in their mouth.

Now if you know you have such an issue, try writing your verses in a way the problematic alphabets stays hidden. i.e those who can’t pronounce “R” should avoid starting their bars with that alphabet.

Avoid “Right now when it step into the club I hear bang”

The “R” in Right will come out as “Light” and it will become;

“Light now when it step into the club I hear bang”

Rappers like Erigga still have this issue and that’s not good.

For some others, its the the size of their tongue. Fire those who has got big tongues, try to avoid flipping or tongue twisting. I belong in this category so I act pretty normal by rapping really layed back. It hides the effect of my full mouth. The natural drawl in my voice now works to my advantage.

3. Choose the correct instrumentals

Rapping on the wrong beat can drop your rap delivery significantly. You’d sound like a wacko, the audience don’t give a rats ass even if you explained why you didn’t sound good. All they want is quality, so never go unprepared, except you can freestyle over any beat.

Not every sound track is for you. Yes its good to be versatile by switching genres and styles. But instead of scattering your efforts, you can go to work and become very skilled at one specific kind of rapping. From there on you can branch out.

Here is an advise from a true Hip Head Head, always perform the best you’ve got. The next gig is not a find or practice what you’ve just learnt.

OG Adoga
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