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HALL OF FAME!! 8 Of The Best Female Rappers In Nigeria Rap History – Vote

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Here is a list of the best female rappers in Nigeria compiled by Hip Hop Head. This list contains 8 femcees who rocked the airwaves and gave us great sound.

Nigerian female rap has declined in the last decade. It has been overrun by pop and dancehall music. The last decade has also seen the retirement of the veterans. But in order to keep the culture alive, we must provide information for true hip hop heads to feed on.

The female rap category is not dead, its just not catching peoples interest. With no breakout star in the last 4 years, it looks like the upcoming girls have to put in more work.

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8 all time best female rappers in Nigeria

1. Weird MC

Weird MC

The Ijoya rapper is definately one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. She started her career in the late 90’s and it lasted up till after 2010. Weird MC who was born in the UK is now a consultant.

Born as Shola Idowu, the Ijebu native is the Nigerian Missy Eliot. Her dress sense and character have always been unique. Much respect to her for gracing the industry with her tomboy persona.

2. Sasha P

Sasha P

Born Anthonia Yetunde Alabi, she is undoubtedly the queen of the Nigerian female rap kingdom. She happens to be one of the few female rappers to have more than one album, alongside Weird MC. The chubby faced veteran rapper burst into the scene in 2001 with Trybe’s records. Sasha who studied law at the university of Lagos, is now a fashion business woman.

Sasha P gave us “Adara”, a solid emotion filled rap track that still makes sense till today. Nigerian hip hop is grateful to her for the work she put in.

3. Blaise


She is arguably the most skilled female rapper on this list. Blaise could actually freestyle and clown other male rappers. There was a time when the guys would shy away from featuring her on a track, for the fear of them getting dusted.

But for all her offering, she never gave us an album. Nevertheless she was one of the best female rappers in Nigeria for about a decade. Blaise has her name cemented on the hearts of every Nigerian hip hop head.

4. Muna


How can anyone forget Muna. The one time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) had a rewarding career as a rapper before settling down and leaving the culture of rap. However, Most people remember her for her pagentry run than for being a hip hop artiste.

Born as Munachi Abii, the former beauty queen also had a child with Peter of the P Square duo. She’s since moved on and found love elsewhere. She was judge for Nokia rap battle alongside Mode 9. That’s where the pass the Mic incident happened. That was last we heard from her in the hip hop scene. She’s one of the best female rappers in Nigeria to practice the art. Not because of her skill, but for looks and charisma.

5. Kel


The red haired rap mistress had a brief but dominant showing. Her time was characterized by electric performances and energetic verses. Her screamy voice will make sure she is remembered very well.

Born as Kelechi Ohia, she hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. Kel is no longer performing active music; much like most of the names on this list. She has since ventured into other forms of business.

6. Kemistry


Olisameka Kemistry was and is still an on air personality. This skinny broadcaster cum rapper was a force to reckon with. Her fame went viral overnight, literally. After getting huge radio plays and features, Kemistry looked like she was here to stay. But she soon had a disagreement with her label and some media heads. And then quit.

The ex Rhythm FM and Inspiration FM OAP went back to radio afterwards and faded from the rap scene quickly. Kemistry has never been wack. And with her broadcasting skills, she always stayed classy on the microphone.

She is now based in Brooklyn. Contrary to many reports, SHE IS NOT DEAD.

7. Eva Alordia

Eva Alordia

Among the greats listed here, only Eva still remains active. The sultry emcee is a true diva and a fashion mogul. She is the CEO of a successful makeover company; a place she practices one of her many talents.

Eva has never stayed at one record label for too long. She was once signed to elDee’s Trybes records for less than a month. She’s been under her own management since then. She’s got a good following on Instagram. As one of our best female rappers in Nigeria; Eva is the girl to beat right now.

8. Bouqui


She is the gospel/conscious/pop rap queen of Nigerian hip hop. For a long time, Bouqui held us captive with her sing along hooks and easy-to-follow rap verses. Her songs are sung at churches and family occasions till this date.

Bouqui is now based in the UK and has since retired from active music making. She’s now a mentor and developer for young talented cats. She runs the “unstoppable” talent hunt where winning acts get the chance to gain developmental record deals and other prizes.

9. Mo Cheddah

Mo Cheddah

Born Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, she burst onto the scene with her debut studio album “Franchise Celebrity” release under Knighthouse Entertainment. The album was introduced by the 2009 promotional hit single “If You Want Me”. Mo shook the industry that year. Most of the songs on th project were massive hits between 2010 and 2011.

However, she parted ways with Knighthouse records in February 2012. She went on to established her own label, Cheddah Music; a label that has since gone defunct.

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