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You Have To Earn Your Place; 4 Points Of Advice For Dagrin’s Brother Trod

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Last month, Dagrin’s brother Trod made a solid statement about his new endeavor. He plans to swoop in and take over;

I’m coming to take back my brothers throne, I want the crown back

In case you’re wondering who this guy is; he is the younger sibling of Yoruba rap legend Dagrin. Trod and Dagrin have the same DNA. Their looks are almost identical, in such an uncanny manner.

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Its safe to think that the guy must have the a slice of the ghetto dreams flavour we’ve all missed. Its great news for fans of Dagrin and Yoruba rap. Imagine if the late 2pac had a younger brother who decided to stand up to defend his legacy by striding in his light.

The rapper is reportedly signed to Misofuyin Entertainment with T blaq.

Here are 4 points of advice for Dagrin’s brother Trod


1. He needs to be learn how the industry works

Trod needs to be taught a thing or two. He should be advised against making statements that can cripple his career before it even begins. Those words he uttered is a challenge to anyone who is benefitting from YNBL; the present leadership of the genre.

Instead of looking for a fight, he should seek for collaborations and public interest. At the stage he is now, only great features can bring him out of the dark. He needs to be on big screens. He needs to be talking about his brother in order to revive the topic that will eventually usher him into our minds. Its the same thing people do when they write books about their lives.

Juliana Olayode wrote a about how she lost her virginity, just to keep herself in our minds. She’s telling us a story of something that happened loooooong ago, and making us believe its important. This is what Trod needs to do. He has to create a story about Dagrin and ride on it.

2. He can’t play victim for too long

Being Dagrin’s little brother is a great advantage and he must use it fast. It can fade quickly. The sympathy from people will help him gain many favours. And he must seek to collaborate with the top wigs soon before he gets stale.

He cant keep playing the “I’m Dagrin’s little brother” card. He needs to bring something fresh to the table. If he doesn’t, we will all move on. Trust me. Nigerians can forget anyone, if we can forget Efe, then who is Dagrin’s little brother?.

The music industry wants product, something they can sell. What Trod has is an opportunity. He can ride on his brothers legacy to create his own. He looks so much like Dagrin. So if there is ever going to be a “Ghetto Dreams” movie, he’s in a hood position to play a lead role.

3. Dagrin was a king but not a monarch

Dagrin earned the seat he sat on. He was not born into rap’s royalty, no one ever is. Even Diggy Simmons, despite being born into an upper class hip hop family is having it rough because he lacks the street cred that acts like Rae Sremmurd have.

Any talk about “taking what belongs to Dagrin” does not arise because there is no monarchy in hip hop culture.

Its open season on every record made. If Trod wants to take over anything, he needs to start from his street. I mean the street he lives in.

4. Olamide is the new king

Olamide has been the king of Yoruba rap for a while now. He took over after the untimely demise of Dagrin. Olamide has worked hard, becoming the most celebrated Nigerian rapper in history.

Now any contender coming for the top spot is always welcome as long as they have the stomach for the music industry game. Olamide reigns now, its not Dagrin anymore. He’s the man to beat now and there are 5 to 6 acts on the line of succession. Trod has Lil Kesh, CDQ, Reminisce, Davolee, Ola Dips and others to battle with.

I understand he’s only trying to be hip hop by challenging for the crown. But for now I don’t think he’s well equipped for such an exhaustive pursuit. He still needs to develop by working with the top dogs. We don’t want Trod to tarnish Dagrin’s name with unpreparedness.


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