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How To Make Money From Your Songs In Nigeria; For Upcoming Artistes

How do you make money from your songs in Nigeria as an upcoming artiste? This is a question some of us have asked in the past. Sometimes we get unsatisfactory answers, but its great that you’re here. You are here because you are looking for ways to earn valuable cash from your studio work.

In this post I’ll explain how you can do that and make money from your songs. Its really easy.

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You can make money from your songs in Nigeria as an upcoming artiste

False things that upcoming artistes believe

The aim of music is to make art and create livelihood. Music is both entertainment and business and it has the capacity to take care of you. You might just be starting out with a song and a freestyle. But first let’s uncover a few lies about selling music;

1. You must have an album before selling

Sometimes upcoming artistes in Nigeria think they have to compile an album before they start making money from music in Nigeria. But this is not true. You don’t need to have an album or a mixtape. Your single releases can make money for you if you sell each of them online.

2. You have to be an A-List artiste to see big bucks

An A-List artiste is a top musician who is well established in the music industry. You can do well on your own even now that you haven’t made it big yet.

3. You need a third party to run the business for you

Third parties include managers, promoters, record labels and other external forces. These third parties are very important because they make work very easy for upcoming artistes. They amplify an artistes ability and keep you productive.

But they are not a requirement needed for making money from music in Nigeria.

Example: Wizkid amassed a whooping sum of 75 million Naira from his YouTube channel (Ads) after the release of his sounds from the other side album. He puts his songs on online retail stores, runs his own channel and does not rely on any third party. This means that he is very much in control of his revenue.

How to make money from your songs in Nigeria as an upcoming artiste

The simple answer is; SELL IT ONLINE. The safest and most effective way to make money as an upcoming artiste is to sell it on an online store. Alaba marketers are running out of business, people can download whatever they want now. You can upload your songs individually on the following platforms;

(a) Spotify
(b) Amazon
(c) Spinlet
(d) iTunes

How the sales revenue is shared

The store like iTunes or Amazon can take up to 30% on each sale. This is a fee for the hosting and distributing the song. While you get the remaining 70% for production and manufacturing. So if you set the price at N100, you end up getting N70, a fair deal by all standards.

This is not an exact figure because what you get is stated in the contract.

Each of these sites have their own styles and percentages. However you must ensure that your audience is savvy with technology. Buying music online involves a credit card (ATM) and a good mobile device. If your fan base does not do online transaction, you won’t sell much.

So start uploading you songs and selling your music. The more popular you get, the more people are willing to buy your songs. So you need to start growing your fan base


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9 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Your Songs In Nigeria; For Upcoming Artistes

  1. I came across your blog few days back and I think you are doing a good job, am a rapper and I need some advice from you, I have 2 songs among many songs of mine which am 70% sure that will be hits if promoted right

    Now my problem is that I don’t just know how to go about it, I don’t have big bucks to push it hard promo wise, though am making plans to shoot a video for one, am a bit scared of putting it out online just like others cause it might end up not going far

    What do I do.? Should I run to record labels..? Or do it myself, do I need a manager? I need some tips… Thanks a lot

  2. Your situation is one I’ve face personally in the past. As you may know, I’m also a rapper and I’ve been through these things too.

    1. There is no restriction to releasing your song. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the promotion, then release it again. One good song can be released multiple times till it reaches enough people.

    2. I’d advise you to do it yourself. Record labels are looking for smart artistes. If you are able to promote your song widely on your own, Its only a matter of time before agents start asking about you. Using Facebook promotion, you can push the song to a very large audience. This will even help you build you online fanbase.

  3. Thanks a lot, so you mean that a song that didn’t go far after release still have a chance of survival if released again

  4. Of course. A lot of mainstream songs have been released more than once. An xample is Sean Tizzle’s “Sho le” hit song. It was released in 2010 but didn’t go far. However the artiste pushed it again with more resources some years later and it went viral in 2013.

  5. Brother I greet u ooo….. Boss oo abeg me n my friends r trying to create this crew /record label…. My problem is dat I don’t know how sell d music… D sound is good but everybody jst wants d songs for free we don’t know hw to get money from it…. Great blog by the way

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