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Yung Hitch Is Here To Take The Music Industry By Storm With “Like Ya”

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Hip Hop Head spotlight is on Yung Hitch right about now, we are really glad to be part of future success stories. His name sounds really catchy and we expect great things from this bright and eloquent upcoming artiste.

His real name is Ukwu Francis Chima. He is by origin from Imo state but I was born and bred in Alausa, Ikeja the capital city of Lagos. He is a Nigerian artiste who majors in Afro pop and Rhythm and Blues. We had a little sit-out and got the opportunity to find out about him, tune;

How did you coin your stage name?

When my friends at the time insisted that we all in the same clique get a nickname, I was in love with the movie “Hitch” which had Will Smith as the lead actor. So I got called hitch until when I decided I wanted to go into music professionally. Then the prefix name “Yung” was added to it inspired by yung6ix.

Yung Hitch

What inspired you to venture into music

Singing is my passion. I love singing to instrumentals, I love turning songs of other artist to mine. And I also can easily visualize myself becoming a success in my musical career more than any other thing or path.

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Tell us about your Childhood and family background

I come from a family of six and I am the first child and only son out of four children. Life as a child wasn’t really bad. We were no where near rich, but my mum ensured that I never went hungry and made sure I never had an impression that we are poor.

Soccer was my first love as a child and I was very good at it. But music has always been with me. I sing a lot. But I thought it was going to be football professionally, but here we are; Music. Music also runs in my family.

My mum is nicknamed golden voice and my dad recently gave me a good chorus I could work with. Not forgetting my younger siblings who aren’t shy about their passion for music.

How does Yung Hitch combine music and academics

Well I have decided not to further my study of computer science in Covenant polytechnic Aba, Abia state. This is so as to give a hundred percent to the success of my musical career and as far as I am concerned, it is progressing.

What’s been your greatest challenge and success as a budding Nigerian artiste

Deciding to give everything up for music despite not having a dime in my bank account is actually the greatest challenge I would ever have. My greatest success is having a team that is willing to go that extra mile for me and they believe me, my abilities, and my dreams.

Which top artiste would you like to feature and why

It has to be Justin Bieber and Olamide Baddo. Doing a duo with Justin Bieber will be beautiful with his unique and tender voice. Olamide brings a different style to the mix which creates a blend of two different styles.

Do you have any upcoming projects we need to watch out for?

I am currently promoting a single titled “Like Ya” and It currently has over a hundred of positive comments on Naijaloaded. I’m planning a on a tour in Ibadan by August and a #LikeYa street concert by October to grow my fan base.

I also have plans of doing a song with one of Nigeria’s top music producer Ekelly before the year runs out. I think everyone should look out for that the most because it is going to be lit. In summary, me becoming a success in the world music industry is something everyone should have an eye on. That is my biggest project.

Who is your role model and why do you respect him

Davido. I say Davido because I get inspired by his hustle. He made me realize that it is not about who does it the most or has the best singing voice. But it is about going for what you want and knowing why you want the most.

Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

I see myself at the top of the Nigeria music food chain. As one of the leading artistes in the country.

Wow that was lovely from. Yung Hitch is here to stay.

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