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7 Promising Nigerian Rappers Who Disappointed Us And Went Into Oblivion

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This is a list of promising Nigerian rappers who disappointed us by falling off the radar despite starting off brightly. Its for those who never reached the level they promised us. All the artistes listed here had ample opportunities and links but squandered them on things that yielded no result.

The Nigerian music industry waits for no one. So when the right platform comes, its important for artistes to rush up and stamp their signatures in the chronicles. Now these guys left us in awe because we still can’t believe the level of  nothingness they’ve returned to (apart from #5 who is doing really well)

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7 promising Nigerian rappers who disappointed us

1. 5 Mics

Five mics

Also known as 5 mics Shinobi, he started off on a very bright note in the mid 2000’s. But in 2017, we don’t know what he’s doing right now. He was based in South Africa the last time I checked. Not good enough for someone like 5 Mics who rocked Abuja and Lagos airwaves with the likes of Djinee and Ice Prince.

2. XO Senavoe


He is a Ghanian-Nigerian rap artiste who fooled us into thinking he was going to blow.  You can remember him from his funny/weird performance on the 2011 Naija BET cypher. He was the unknown guy jumping around like a clown on the burnout.

I still don’t know how he got to be on that cypher. I just hope the world doesn’t think all Nigerian rappers are like that. However he had a mild hit track “Taxi music” which was heavily promoted on air and TV. But that’s all the concrete we have about him till date.

Oh wait, we know he has been accused of rape by different women on 5 occasions. So he definitely spend his time looking for lawyers and closure.

3. Pryse


Everything that came out of chocolate city from 2008 to 2016 was major success. Except for Pryse of course. She signed with the Audu Maikori led record label during their market domination era but failed to become anything more than a side kick.

She was born as Princess Esindu to an honest Eckankar family. But this female rapper conned us big time into thinking she was coming for Sasha P’s throne. I believe chocolate city thought she was going be their outlet into the female rap category in Nigeria.

I remember MI introducing her, after which she went on to deliver dome really solid freestyles but that was all about it. How do you not blow in an environment with Ice Prince, MI, Jesse Jags and Brymo? It has to be almost deliberate. Eventually not all that glitters is gold and lack of talent and dedication will take it’s toll on art.

4. Kida Kudz

Kida Kudz

How do you go from being a next rated star to an upcoming artiste? You simply throw your chance away and waste your window of opportunity. With a very short attention span, the Nigerian music industry isn’t going to wait for you to settle down even if you were once a household name like Kida Kudz. Once upon a time he was listed among the most promising Nigerian rappers.

He won one of the more widely followed editions of Naija’s Got Talent and his fame grew overnight. But for some reason Kida didn’t follow up that success with sufficient force. Gradually we forgot about him. Its better for a Nigerian artiste to remain unknown and finally blow after a loooong time, than for him to reach a small level of success and fall out of consciousness.

He could be really great; if he can spend less time building abs/biceps and spend more of time writing actual songs for Nigerians. Staying in the UK didn’t help his career either.

5. Skales


How is Skales on this list you may ask. Here is your answer; the soft spoken singer you see doing “Mukulu” and “Shake body” was once one of the dopest and and promising Nigerian rappers. Do you remember his track “heading for the Grammy”?.

He disappointed us by becoming a pop singer. Like I said in the beginning, this guy is doing really well, but not as a rapper. He probably wouldn’t have made it this far if he stuck to rap. His conversion was total and incurable.

This change of path happened during his time at empire mates entertainment. Banky W in an interview revealed that Skales chose to change his line without any pressure from the management and artistic directors. So it was deliberate.

6. Sinzu

Sauce kid aka Sinzu

You’re gifted, you’ve got a great rap career in Nigeria, a good celebrity profile and a loyal fan base. What do you with all that, let’s see…how about leaving all that to steal a measly $300 from a store and get jailed in an American prison for it. I just feel like a demonic spirit came upon him the moment he changed his name from Sauce Kid to Sinzu.

Sinzu has been incarcerated for about a year and will have to spend about another year behind bars. This estimate is as at the time of this blog post. Only super man can make a comeback from such a career hit. But let’s keep our fingers crossed.

7. Sky B

Sky B

He made his name in 2007 when he hit us with his debut album “Pray For Me”. This Port Harcourt based promising Nigerian rappers shook the music industry with his emotional rap style even before there was ever an MI. His album project sold about 1 million copies in Alaba.

Don’t be lost, this is the guy that gave us the hit song “I’m Calling”, a product of the same album. Ten years later and Sky B is lost to us. I heard he got really broke and  was found drunk in a gutter one time in Suleja. There is hardly any source of information on this guy online. Sky B, if you’re reading this, abeg holla so that we can know the truth about you.

What do you think?

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