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7 Of The Most Underrated Nigerian Rappers In History – You May Not Remember No. 3

Underrated Nigerian rappers are the ones who posses genius level potential but are unable to reach a corresponding level of market success, for some just reason. This list is contains seven of the most intelligent and artistically gifted Nigerian rappers who aren’t as big as they should be.

However it is good to note that it is possible for a Nigerian rap artiste to practice hip hop without the intention of appealing to a wider audience. I like to call that category the “underground Nigerian rappers”.

But in this list I am assuming that these cats came into the industry to “blow” and become celebrities but have not been able to achieve a substantial amount of success at it.

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7 of the most underrated Nigerian rappers in history

1. Overdose

Overdose has to be the most underrated Nigerian rapper in history. He was the intelligent cat no one could fuck with but it still baffles me that he never blew up. This might shock you but he’s just as good as Modo, if not better. He has the delivery that Modo lacks and that tells you about his pedigree.

OD as he is fondly called, had all the qualities of a true emcee. I guess the Nigerian music industry isn’t ready for that kind of wahala just yet.

Do you know that he was a member of SWAT roots? Yes that’s how old he is. He was there with Six Foot Plus, Mode 9 and Terry tha Rapman in the early 2000’s. He also worked as a show host and a radio presenter. However OD gave us something Nigerian hip hop can never forget. He gave us “don’t hate”…Nuff said.

2. Boogey Odey


Apart from earning a nomination for “lyricist on the roll” at the Headies, he doesn’t make headlines these days. Boogey is very active on Facebook, he interacts with his followers and replies comments. That goes to¬† tell you that the guy doesn’t have the common misguided pride that Naija artistes have. The hardworking artiste came into limelight after the nomination.

He is doper than everyone else but just won’t blow. It has a lot to do with the way the Nigerian music industry is setup. Boogey’s songs have too much reasonable information, and too much depth. Those are two things the average ignorant Nigerian music listener isn’t worried about. Boogey remains one my favorite artistes right now, have you listened to his “BBQ and Shayo” with Paybac?

He dropped a project in June, do you know about it?

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3. Freestyle


Do you know any Nigerian rapper who can actually freestyle? this guy can. I guess that’s the reason for the name too, its as prompt as it is descriptive. If you don’t know him then you’re new, this was before the era of chocolate city domination. For your benefit, he’s the guy Tuface Idibia featured on the second verse of “Ole”

Born as Mfon Essien, he makes this list because he never attained a level of success that would have been commensurate with his ability on the microphone. Freestyle was a member of 90’s band Trybesmen alongside Eldee tha Don and Kaboom. He worked as an OAP at Rhythm FM but joined the United states navy as at 2016.

4. Blaise


Finally a woman makes the list. Blaise was one chik that scared many male rappers in the decade between 2003 and 2013. Once affiliated to Trybes record, this artiste could hold her own against anyone, bar for bar.

Many hip hop heads believe Blaise to be a better rapper than fellow golden era babes Sasha P and Weird MC. But Sasha P has a textbook hit song in “Adara” and Weird MC has an archival blockbuster in “Ijoya” so what did Blaise give us to savor?

Sadly she never dropped an album in her prime. Blaise was more of a feature rapper. You bring her on a mad beat and she bodies it nicely without remorse. She will be remembered as the dopest Nigerian female rapper to never have a blockbuster hit song. This is why I included her in my list of most underrated Nigerian rappers.

5. Pherowshuz


Correct guy like Phero can not be excluded from this list of most underrated Nigerian rappers. His runaway hit “correct” was an attempt to break him into the pop rap scene. Although the track was a huge success, but his hard hip hop roots meant he was always going be intellectual.

Phero was part of KD World which also consisted of cats like Eldot and songstress Naydo.

6. Phenom


Where the heck is this guy anyway. Almost every hip hop head tipped him for greatness after he murdered MI on the cover of Cory Gunz “6 foot 7 foot” but I guest we were all wrobg. We probably should have consulted a more accurate Oracle since his present state does not tally with the future we saw for him.

The Knight house general is now a pop artiste, or so we hear. A man has got to survive and who hip hop EPP right? But this does not take anything away from him. Phenom came into our lives with thought provoking punchlines and a composed but aggressive delivery. He goes down as one of the most underrated Nigerian rappers in history.

7. Show Dem Camp

SDC is one of Nigeria’s most lyrically endowed rap duo. But they have not really become mega stars in the entertainment industry by virtue of that skill. You think I’m playing? Check this out, even NotJustOk, Nigeria’s most authoritative music sharing website named them on the controversial list of most gifted Nigerian rappers.

These days they are branching into more “feel good” pop rap styles and it may pay off. But they remain one of the most underrated Nigerian rappers of all time.

Their albums include;
The Dreamer Project
Nature of the Business
Clone Wars 3 – The Recession
Palmwine Music
Small Chops Vol. 1

Let me know what you think, don’t forget to drop a comment if I missed anyone ho should be included in the list.

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