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How To Blow In Arewa Hip Hop; For New Hausa Rappers

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The Hausa genre rap is quickly growing in popularity and New Hausa rappers 2017 need fresh strategies to infiltrate and to dominate this upcoming market.

In the northern part of the country, local artistes enjoy a relatively impressive niche following.

A Hausa rapper like BOC Madaki has close to 20, 000 fans on Facebook alone not counting his Twitter and Instagram fans.

He has gotten them hooked by simply making music and releasing mix tapes. How big will he get if he gets a major deal? what then would happen if he gets signed to a mega label like Mavin who will be ready to spend millions if Naira on him.

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Advantages for new Hausa rappers 2017

1. The Hausa rap genre is still very young. This is a fact, as we speak there is hardly any information about area rappers online.

This blog is even one of the few sources offering authoritative information on this topic. It means that the entry requirement is still very low. You can easily make a name with just a few songs or an album.

The potential fans of Hausa rap genre are so many. Its time to start working and building up the Arewa hip hop fan base. Its only a matter of time before the market is flooded. In about 2 years from now, you will have to give an arm to make it as a new Hausa rappers.

2. The market is huge for new Hausa rappers in 2017. Why do you think Kannywood could succeed? It is because of the population who are willing to tune in and pay watch them act.

There is an active but unexplored entertainment market in the north. For example, Kano is almost as big as Lagos in terms of population and has almost the same youth demographic.

This means there are many northern young people who are not represented in the music industry of Nigeria. These young northern people are looking for artistes that speak their Language and understand their culture. They will follow you loyally if you can, can you?

3. You don’t need to go to Alaba. The trust is that Alaba is responsible for the rise of a lot artistes. Its also responsible for the death of a lot of dreams. For every single Nigerian artiste that blows up in Alaba, there are a thousand others who fail.

But as a new Hausa rap artiste in 2017, your fan base and audience is not in Lagos. The stress of traveling to the west and looking for support should not arise because your home is your market. Ask DJ Abba, he is enjoying all the love that Kaduna has to offer.

Points for New Hausa rappers in 2017

1. Come up with a unique style

New Arewa rappers have to try and create something that has never been heard of. You can’t come out doing the same things that Classiq does. You have to stand out earlier on in order to grab attention. As I earlier said, you don’t have time to waste because this genre will surely become crowded in just a few years from now.

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2. Use social media effectively

There are a lot of Hausa speaking young hip hip loving people out there looking for new Hausa hip hop to follow. But its really hard for them. Some times its like the artistes are hiding.

Apart from Classiq, I have noticed that the more popular Hausa rappers live with an appalling social media presence.

I have to search and search before I find Kheengz Facebook page, when I find it I notice that its scanty because he does not post regularly.

This is bad, you need to push your daily life on social media…all three of the big ones. I mean Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3. Be consistent in releasing quality music

As you begin, know that you probably won’t become as big as you want in the first year. But as you keep recording and using social media with your unique style, you will surely get our attention.

But first you have to be prepared to be an artiste so that you don’t fall off frustrated when you do not get results. You might end up being regarded as a legend if you consistently create great music in this new genre in a short period of about 5 years.

So if you are a northern artiste and you’re not sure what genre to go in order to make a name quickly. I advise you get up and join the Hausa hip hop generation. It’s Arewa to the world, We look forward to writing about you.

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