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Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE CHOLERIC RAPPER

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Our temperaments affect the way we react to stimuli. People have different ways of approaching issues and this is what I intend to review in this article. As we all know, hip hop is an outspoken art form. It’s an expressive culture and this makes it all the more interesting to look at from a temperamental angle.

The choleric temperament inspires the most compulsive attitudes and you need to read on to find out how rappers with this temperament behave;

1. Disposition of a choleric rapper

The choleric rapper is known to be arrogant and self serving. They can be very cocky and tend to view themselves better than everyone else. They are driven by pride and a desire to prove themselves worthy of a Certain prize.

Choleric rappers are best found doing Mafioso and Gangster rap, or any type of music that enables them heap praises on themselves and what they have achieved.

This group of rappers want to be leaders so they are unable to follow or respect others. They are unable to play a supporting role, they love the lime light associated with the top spot.

This is despite the fact that they are not the most intelligent rappers around. This means they get into fights very easily and are going to make the headlines very quickly for the wrong reasons.

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2. Content

The music they produce is exciting and can strike you with substantial quality because they want to show you how good they are. They are great freestyle artistes and will be eager to pick up a challenge in the face of juggernaut odds. But they never truly become academically deep. This is because they exhaust patience easily after they have achieved the goal.

They are externally motivated and require a psychological spur to remain at top level. They wear the biggest chains and are usually very eager to diss others just to make themselves look hard.

In order for them to get to them to reach their peak potential, they constantly need a competition, something that the music industry gladly provides. This means that they will remain wack when there is no challenger, or they begin to decline once they are able to beat off the competition. They are usually very popular and prepared for the press due to their extroverted nature.

Examples are Jay Z, Tupac, Eedris Abdul Kareem, KRS 1.

3. Weakness

Choleric rappers have a problem with introspection. They are unable to truly make corrections to their art and character because they never get to see past their ego.

They believe you’re cheap, wrong or amateur if you don’t agree with them. Choleric rappers will make excuses for themselves and will only change when they become victims of a self inspired disaster.

They will look for trouble while bragging and bite more than they can chew in the process. A choleric rappers biggest battle adversary is the Melancholic rapper who is internally motivated. The melancholic is more analytical and calculated so he is often better at picking out a choleric flaws.

Example is the Battle between melancholic Nas and Choleric Jay Z. Ether by Nas is regarded as the most effective diss tracks ever to be recorded by a hip hop artiste. But the song owes its effectiveness to Jigga’s attitude. If Jigga wasn’t such a loud mouthed braggart, Ether wouldn’t have any demystifying effect.

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