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This Is The Reason Why Nigerian Artistes Offer Poor Stage Performance

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Lets talk about Nigerian artistes poor stage performance shall we. A majority of Nigerian artistes are terrible on stage, I’m sure you already know that. A lot of them come up on stage to mime. My perplexity is at those who can’t even mime their own songs correctly. Truly, even your average church choir members posses a better stage craft than these ones.

I’m usually dissatisfied with A list artistes, they carry complacency around like a trophy. Truly even your average church praise and worship leader in church does a better job on stage. Only a few Nigerians artistes deliver as promised.

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We have to hold our artistes responsible. The paying fans need to boo them off the stage and maybe they might come prepared next time. An artiste who charges one million Naira for a 20 minute show should be able to hold the audience spell bound without breaking a sweat.

This disease is destroying the image of Nigerian music artistry in the international market. As far back as 2011, BET refused to air Nigeria’s cypher on the award night despite allowing Ghana’s version to air. There is a trend and the international community reckons our best performers aren’t up to scratch.

Burna Boy was booed off the stage in Kenya in March this year. He got bashed so bad he had to block thousands of his Kenyan Twitter followers.

Fans can put up with their favorite artiste showing up late. But they can’t put up with their favorite artiste showing up late and performing like a drunk town crier. A lot of mainstream artistes really can’t hold a crowd.

A similar situation occurred early this month at the one mic music fest. Nigerian A list artistes were  brutally criticized for their inability to connect with the audience at the Wembley’s SSE Arena in London.

Even young South African rappers have a better stage presence. Young rappers like Nasty C and Emtee tha hustla really do turn up the heat with their trap styles.

We have to realize that our music culture is dying gradually. This has a lot to do with our psychology. We see music only as a money spinner. But music is firstly art, then business. An artiste is a person who practices art.

There is a problem

The poor music culture is a result of weakening values in our music industry. It has left us bereft of artistic goals. There is more emphasis on “blowing” than the music itself. Young Nigerian artistes are not learning musical skills anymore, they are learning how to “make it”.

The formula? Banging beat + repeat gibberish lyrics + dance step + clean video and BAM! You don blow. What do they do when it doesn’t catch on as planned; they rinse and repeat it.

It can only work for so long and we will get found out. If Nigerian artistes poor stage performance continues, we will lag behind and the “giant of Africa” tag in musical artistry will fade even farther.

This is not saying that all Nigerian artistes are whack performers, you could count the good ones with your fingers. But not everybody can be a musician.

“Who you epp?” Might be the most destructive thought ever conceived. That thought comes into the mind of an upcoming artiste in Nigeria when he’s making the decision to develop skills.

He looks for a reason to go on but every voice around him says “Who skills epp”. Why learn skills when you can just use formula and blow, That’s the case of Skuki.

Not that its my business but I do not know why people listen to Skuki. They apparently have no skill, they can’t sing or dance.

The only thing they have going for them is the fact that they are twins. In fact they are better off as models since one of them looks like Neymar Jr. Yet they get airplay and Elegushi shows because they can pay their way through on the radio and in the print media.

Stage craft and performance culture will eventually become irrelevant in Nigeria as long as artistes with no skill get more attention than the true masons.

And to those of you who are reading this just to call me bad belle, you should know that mediocrity is infectious. You should check yourself quickly else you’ll spread it.

OG Adoga
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