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How To Submit Your Song To A Nigerian Music Blog And Get Accepted Without Rejection

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Upcoming rappers need to submit song Nigerian blog in order to get exposure. Some blogs are more difficult to reach than others.

The difficulty level significantly depends on the amount of traffic such blog is getting. Upcoming rappers dream of having their songs on sites like Notjustok who get over 20,000 page views everyday.

If your song gets there, it means a lot of fans are going to have access to you. But how do you get your song there? It is not very difficult. This is a short guide on how to submit your songs effectively.

Its not a guarantee, you could still get ignored by bloggers but if you’re going to do it at all why not do it right. But first let’s make compare high traffic blog against the newer ones with low traffic.

Advantages of going with a high traffic blog

More exposure

You will hit the headlines really fast. It Linda ikeji tweets about you, all her celebrity followers pay attention to you and that could be your way into stardom.

Imagine if she says something really exciting about you, Don Jazzy would want to listen to the song. You have just put yourself in a good position to get signed up by a major record label.

More reach
Newer blogs go to big high traffic blogs to get music sometimes. So if your song gets up there in the big blog, you find out that many other sites will copy and repost it thus giving you more reach. This is because smaller bloggers need content and traffic.

Its also easy for them to do this because there is hardly ever any copyright violation in reposing music in Nigeria. This means you have put your song on many other blogs by simply doing one thing, you’re killing a lot of birds with one stone.

Disadvantages of going with a high traffic blog

It’s going to cost you quite some cash for a single post on a high traffic blog. The money upcoming artistes are required to pay could be enough to sponsor the manufacturing of an EP. This is one major challenge, young rappers do not have that kind of money to spend on blog promotion.

Your song might get deleted off the host website after a month or two. Big sites have to deal with thousands of songs per week and this runs into hundreds of gigabytes of accumulated memory space within short periods.

Their options are to either to back up the files in a large server somewhere, which is difficult to maintain. Or delete them to save time, manpower and money. So don’t be spruced if you can’t find your music in 6 months.

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Advantages of going with a new/low traffic blog

Low cost
Newer blogs are cheap or even free. You can be test assured that you’re won’t be charged an exorbitant fee to post your song. From my experience those who charge will request about N5,000 for maintenance. Hey small Blogs need maintenance too.

They are very eager to respond to your mails and they explain their operations to you quite clinically. They need your content and the traffic it can bring.

Disadvantages of going with a new/low traffic blog

Low reach
Newer blogs have lesser traffic so your music will not ho as far you’d like. They rely more on direct link sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter rather than on Google search referrals. This means that they spam a lot in order to get visitors to their blogs.

Your music is going to be shared but its not going to get out of that network soon. You’re going to have to take on some of the link sharing responsibility too. That’s what you get for paying less.

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1. Make sure your songs are of good quality. Bloggers are reluctant to upload whack songs. Your album art should also be ready.

2. Make sure your songs are in line with the ideology of the blog you’re approaching. Don’t waste your time submitting a shayo song to a gospel music blog.

3. Visit their contact page or look for any hint of music submission on the site and lift their emails from there. Blogs usually have clearly stated guidelines for music submission.

4. Write a good press release not longer than 200 words. The press release should accurately describe the song you are submitting. It should also contain your full names, numbers and social media handles. This short write up should also specify the planned release date.

5. Send them a mail with the song, the album art and the press release all attached. This should be done at least one week before the official release date. You should get a reply in a couple of days.

Mail format

a. Name

b. Social Media handles

c. Title of song

d. Name of producer

e. Press release

f. Attachments (Song in mp3 and song art in JPEG)

If you need help writing a press release or a review for your song, you can hit us up here. We write! Like this? Share with your homies

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