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Your Track Could End Up Pointless; Read This Before You Release A New Song In Nigeria

Releasing a new song is a very exiting activity especially when you got great reviews in the feedback for the last one. So this is a guide you have to check before you drop new song Nigeria.

Don’t worry if this is your first song, I’m sure a couple of Facebook friends are still waiting to hear your first ever single.

Putting out a single successfully is a tasking process, from the rhyme book to the production to the release, but this shouldn’t give you any headache if you follow. So let’s state some basic responsibilities;
You are responsible for the content and the process. Its your project and its gotta reflect your goals/identity.

He or she is responsible for creating and modifying a digital version of your vocal performance. This person is your employee for the duration of the studio session and will do his job in line with your artistic goals. Eg some artistes want some Sani danja style auto tuning, some want heavy back up for their vocals and there are many others specs you can want.

Experienced producers often make recommendations and corrections where the need arises and you’d be a lucky artiste to have one.

Now you’ve gotten a great song in an mp3 version, you’ve put it in a disk or in your phone. Its time for people to hear it but you can’t go about sharing it via Bluetooth do you need two things;

a. A host
A host is like an an accessible store where people can visit anytime to get your product for a price or for free. People cannot download your song from your phone or the CD so you have to upload it to a music host.

There are lots of services that offer to keep your song on them for free check out  soundcloud or churchboiz. You will be provided with a unique link that will redirect any visitor to your song page

b. Share
Your songs are now hosted but they have not been shared so people don’t know about it. You need to share your link on a service that receives traffic, one of the most effective for new rappers is Facebook. blogs come in handy since they already have a niche readership. They will take on the responsibility of hosting and sharing your song within their networks.

So when choosing a blog go for one with your kind of audience and relatively good traffic, you’re paying regardless. There is no need reaching out to a gospel music blog if you’ve got a politically active track like “Nigeria jaga jaga”

The is beginner phase distribution and the good news is you can do it all by yourself.

You should not have a “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there” mindset. Assuming you’re convinced you want to drop a song, you have to think about the following before you ever pick up the pen. Its in no particular order

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1. Goal

Every song is unique and it is good for upcoming rappers to define a purpose for each new track. Even before picking up a pen, you should know what you want the song to accomplish for you.

You can use your songs to build anticipation for an upcoming project, feeding and building your core following, to pass information and address issues, creating social hype and announcing yourself, or for fun and experiment purposes.

2. Timing

For an upcoming rapper in Nigeria, you’ve gotta ensure your song drops during the period with the least distraction. You’re not going to receive any attention if you drop your single when its rowdy, for example when Barcelona beat PSG 6-1.

It’s just like say, your birthday falls on October 1 in Nigeria, hardly is anyone going to use your photo as a DP. You want your song release to be  the only thing going on, you want people to talk about it within your circles on the day of release too.

3. Past reviews

How was your last song received? This is going to help you improve your craft. Criticism is very instrumental for the development of young rappers.

If you’ve never dropped a single then better for you, I’d recommend you read the reactions to other songs in your genre, you can learn a valuable lot from other peoples triumphs and errors. This doesn’t mean that you have to drop your standards for fair reviews, listeners aren’t always right.

4. Metric

The last time you paid a blogger or uploaded on a host, did it get the number of downloads or shares you expected? This helps you to revisit your distribution strategy, there is no point spending your money to manufacture and drop a single if its going to end up in the invisible parts of the internet.

So don’t make the same mistake twice, if the last blogger or host wasn’t effective you should switch up. If you’re a newbie listen to the stories going around in your circles, it’s better to learn from the experience of others.

5. Quality

You’ve got to ensure you’re putting out a product worth listening to. Many upcoming rappers in Nigeria are cash strained so its understandable that they settle for the cheaper bargains, but no one is going to take you seriously if your song sounds like a zombie orchestra.

Hiring a good producer will save you a lot of stress, he will ensure your song comes out clean, no matter how amateur your choices are. Mixing is not the same as mastering and editing, a lot of songs are denied airplay because they don’t sound good or contain words that aren’t radio friendly.

These are not just things you do just before you drop the track, you consider them even before you start writing. Its not as difficult as it seems so just take it easy. You like? do share on social

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