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Have You Been Invited As A Guest Artiste At A Nigerian Show? This Is How You Should Behave

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There are things you need to observe if you’re ever going to get out of the underground rapper category, a lot of those things are relationship based actions.

For an underground rapper with a considerably small fan base, your top priority should be getting more exposure and you need to connect with people the right way. This is because you’re trying to sell a great image of yourself.

In Nigeria people love to be respected and its not a myth. So if you get invited for a show, now is the time to express your gratitude, you don’t have to say it verbally but you can express it by by showing some humility. The most effective way to show humility is to take the show very serious.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not getting paid. You can chose to become selective once you attain a level of recognition in the mainstream but here are some etiquette you should observe at shows while you’re still an upcoming rapper in Nigeria. Here are some things you need to keep in mind;

1. Be on time, and don’t just leave once you’re done

One mistake many upcoming rappers make in Nigeria is to show up late to the events they get invited to. Its a sign of disrespect, you might be trying to make an entrance but nobody is fainting for you yet and your schedule isn’t that tight so try to show up early.

On the other hand you should never leave without properly saying bye to the hosts. After your done, make sure you hang around a little More. You’re doing this because you want people to see you. You want the organizers to know that you’re interested in their idea.

It doesn’t matter if the crowd weren’t feeling you, you’re getting an invite if the organizers like you. You do not want to give the impression that you were bored and that couldn’t wait for the show to be over so that you can bolt. We read meanings like that.

2. Get in touch with people and show some love

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You need to talk to people, and by that i mean a lot of people. You have to remember their names because they will remember yours. It feels really embarrassing when you greet a rapper you met last week at a show only to find out he has no idea of who you are.

Performing act

You can even write their name, description and phone numbers in a separate phone book and review it at the end of the night.

As you grow bigger you won’t be able to keep this up but for now you should strive to know as many people as possible, you’re building a network of fans who will be so turned up when they see you next week at another show.

When you come across a fellow artiste, don’t just say “Good job”. Be specific like “I really liked your hook” or “Your second verse sounds great!” so they know you were paying attention.

Try to introduce yourself to others, especially the more established artistes. Even if you aren’t interested in collaborating with any of them, hanging out with them will give you access to some important producers in your state who could have the right tools to push you.

3. Don’t expect anything much after one good performance

You will do free shows with no perks as an underground rapper in Nigeria. You should see your first appearances as a networking opportunity with your potential core fans and other musicians.

A good showing from you at this event will lead to more invites from other organizers present as observers. So keep working your contacts by building more friendships.

Don’t expect a big label to come for you after this one show, you’re  building your profile so what’s more important now for you is to become a better performer and to learn how to rapport with others in the industry.

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4. Try your best to act like a professional

If you need to get a hype man then ask your homeboy who’s down for it to accompany you. You want to put out a matured performance without spending too much.

Don’t apologize to your audience at any time while on stage, that will show you have a low self esteem which is unattractive and that’s not the hiphop way.

People want to be excited about your song, not hear excuses for why it’s going to suck. Above all, have fun when you’re on.

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