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Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; Should I Buy Social Media Followers As An Artiste?

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Brands and artistes buy following to boost their public image, you are probably just finding out but its something that’s been around for a while. You’re asking should i buy social media followers in as an artiste?

No one is going to crawl your follower list to see of you have a fake bunch clicking your follow button. Having a lot of followers Matter in the entertainment industry especially when you have people to impress, you know you’ve got to project a good image of yourself.

You might decide to build up gradually via patient ethical means or you can head to the market. The question now is should you buy social media followers as an artiste?

There are services that offer to send Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers to your profile for as low as N5,000. These followers you get are not real people, they are automated computer programs called bots.

Bots are capable of lifting random photos from anywhere in the the web and creating self updating profiles, they can also obey commands to follow and un-follow at anytime.

Bots are used for spamming and pushing news, they can make a hashtag trend since they can obey orders to post. So don’t get too happy when those random white girls start following you on twitter and Instagram most of them aren’t real humans.

So should I buy social media followers as an artiste?

Our concern here is should you spend your money getting followers who might all just decide to unfollow you at anytime.  So if you’re asking should i buy social media followers, There are some questions you need to answer before you take the leap and there are as follows;

1. What am I trying to achieve

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Instagram gets much attention

For an upcoming rapper, the temptation to buy followers always has a place in your mind.

You want to buff up your profile in order to achieve an online quasi-celebrity status.

But if you’re not creating value or doing something important like releasing a mixtape or going on a tour, you might be wasting your time and money.

It will surely impress a couple of people when the see your stats, but you’re doing it wrong if you’re only trying to show off. You need to have a target, followers give you credibility online, so buying followers will be a good idea if you’re making a marketing or career move.

2. Can I keep it up?

Buying followers is a subtle form of keeping appearances. People will stalk your profile to check how well you’re growing whether you like it or not. So can you keep up with the expectation?

Remember you brought it upon yourself and Be reminded that the followers you buy can unfollow you in tens or even hundreds. When this happens, your profile might be looking like it was robbed and you don’t want that.

You need to be able to maintain a steady flow of organic followers to match the eventuality of losing your bots. It’s really unpredictable, You could buy 5,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram today and you could have 4,500 left by next week. This means you’ve got to be doing something that’s truly important to keep organic flow coming.

3. What about the risk of getting banned

Modern social networks have strict policies against perpetrators of unnatural practices like spamming and aggressive following or unfollowing. A lot of accounts get banned permanently when there is suddenly too much suspicious activity around it.

Twitter for example has a rule against aggressive following or unfollowing. Your account might get banned if you follow too many random people who have no common or mutual interests. Taking this risk exposes you to a real chance of losing your main profile. You don’t want to start all over again after years of diligent work.

And if you chose to buy, take good notes of the guidelines below

1. Don’t start with too many followers

When you are buying twitter followers for the first time, don’t go for 10,000 followers immediately. You can order for 1,000 or even 500. Its easier to believe, given your underground status.

You’re just starting out with no achievements so there is no pressure on you to get that many followers. As an underground rapper or singer, getting so many followers can put you under a harsh spotlight. And that’s something you might not be ready for, rather purchase something believable.

2. Bots do not offer interactions

I smell a rat

Your newly purchased Instagram followers do not like your posts. There are emotionless bots and they do not visit their timeline to see all the thousands of people they have equally followed. I mean people who bought followers just like you.

It looks really awkward when you’ve got 1,000+ followers on IG. Yet you still struggle to get past 5 likes on your photo.

This problem comes because you can’t get interactions from them. So if you’re buying try to make sure you’re already getting reactions from your human followers.

The decision to buy or not to buy social media followers as an upcoming artiste solidly depends on you. If you’ve considered all the points above and still feel comfortable, then why not try it out.

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